The writings on the wall include several messages written by an unknown author on the walls of three of the rooms in Florentine's Observatory. Apart from that, Adam will occasionally encounter other messages written on walls and doors, such as when journeying through the Mausoleum.


Originating from the Book of Daniel where supernatural writing foretells the demise of the Babylonian Empire, writings on the wall can generally constitute portents of doom or misfortune.


First Message in the PantryEdit


The mind is stronger than most would believe, Florentine, far stronger. In the whole, it is man's mind that forms the creatures he sees around him. His thoughts and hitherto his creation thoughts move like waters against the rock like at the clay wheel, forging and creating the shadows they see around them; shadows of light, shadows of darkness, shadows from the soul. The minds that are strong whether in virtue or flaw - create these shadows, the minions of all darkness and the avatars of all that is light. These creatures are the manifestation of the mind. They are whole only by man's thoughts and the strongest of minds will create the purest of both. So do not say that these creatures are otherworldly for they are not. They are part of man as he is part of them. The projections of powerful minds.

Second Message in Florentine's StudyEdit


So what part I hear you say, Florentine, do the creations you call God and Satan calculate within this equation. Both are present but both are without. These powers are the centre of this world. It would be pointless to say otherwise. These powers are the sum total of man's thoughts, without form for they are not fully conceived. They constantly germinate and die within the Soulstone. They vie for the thoughts of man and when one becomes the stronger it will take on a form and come again into this Realm. So you see, both these powers are the sum total of this world at any one time and until now have shared this place. But not for much longer, this world in which you live is becoming corrupt and the pure thoughts of men are dwindling fast. It is to the dark side of man's mind that the path is leading, the road which is even now forming the future. Two will come Florentine, two men...

Third Message in Florentine's BedchamberEdit


Their names are Gaul and Hawk, Florentine, timeless creatures who will focus the thoughts of man and make them substance through the Soulstone. One is pure and without sin, the Other he is man's wickedness. These two creatures have fought for dominion for countless eternities since the Soulstone fell to this world. But it is here, within and above this place, that the final battle will be fought. The battle that will dictate the eternal future of all mankind. Who will win I cannot say but the strongest will be the reflection of man's thoughts at that juncture. They are coming, Florentine. They are coming to this place, the Seals that you have broken that once hid the Soulstone have awakened them and alerted them to the stone. You have brought the last battle too soon, Florentine, and the universal balance has been shifted. Upon the four wings they come: Gaul and Hawk...
...The final battle.
Florentine, you are a fool!