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According to the official Interplay walkthrough[1], Vine is the major demon and Master of Dominion that Adam has to fight after having acquired and inserted all sixteen brains into the designated apparatus (constituting the first test of the Key to the Abyss).

Upon his defeat he drops the Power of Dominion scroll, protecting Adam from an illusion created by Belial, in which he would find Rebecca chained to a rock on the Island of Threads, prompting him to let down his guard and consequently give Belial the opportunity to snatch away Eternity.

According to The Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous 17th century grimoire focusing on demonology, Vine (alternate spellings: Viné, Vinea) is an Earl and also a King of Hell, commanding 36 legions of demons. He can tell present, past and future, discover witches and hidden things, create storms and make the water rough by means of them, bring down walls and build towers. He is portrayed as a lion holding a snake in his hand and riding a black horse.[2][3]

Vine is also mentioned in some entries of Florentine's Journal.

Entry of October the 31st, 1673

Of the six acolytes I sent into the Tower to hunt the Dodger three days ago, none have returned. Vine promptly disappeared into the Tower and returned withdrawn with two bodies and their respective travelling devices. He has not been the same since. Even Belial cannot understand this change in temprement. Whatever the Dodger has become and how this has occured remains a mystery, even to Vine. My dreams of the Sword continue. I feel myself lost in thought on the subject.

Entry of October the 1st, 1783

Tomorrow we break the Fifth Shard and Seal within the Chamber of the Soulstone. The crossing of the Tower will be harder than ever; it seems the Dodger is somehow controlling the Ire. The two combined have become troublesome of late and I fear lives will be lost and blood will be spilt before the ceremony is performed. As a result I have deliberated not to inform the Temple. One more thing. I have discovered that upon each 'travelling' that someone or something travels the Tower. At one of the Tower gates only yesterday I discovered one single white feather. Curious! The Dodger. I have decided with Belial's and Vine's consultation to create a small handful of Yielders to once and for all rid us of this accursed beast. My dreams of the Sword have remained. Last even, I dreamt of a place - a castle of - a spirit place - where it lay guarded from me. Despite my dream efforts, the Sword remained unattainable.

Entry, 18th of April, 1895 ad.

We are preparing for the assault on the Tower. With me will come Belial, Vine, my two head Priests and a Disciplined group of twenty four Dodgers, each of us mind-controlling six of them. That should be enough to get us through to the Chamber of the Soulstone. We will embark through the Tower Gate in the maze in the Graveyard as it seems the shortest route to the Sheol Mantle.
Disaster has befallen us. As we walked back along the Tower we were met at the Tower Gate by the Ire. Leading the cloud was the Dodger we lost so long ago. Its eyes gleamed fire, red and hatred and its inflated body seemed to bristle with power as it leapt from the Stone to stand before us. Belial was there in an instant wrestling with the beast so that the Ire moved from the Gate. Seizing the opportunity I commanded everyone to the Gate as explosions from the Ire rocked the very Tower itself. As the two Priests transported through the Gate Vine met with Belial and the Dodger to consume them with fire. The three became a molten fireball of burning flesh but the Dodger was too strong. Vine was thrown towards the Gate and immediately disappeared into Heled. Belial was left crawling upon the path smoking as I commanded the Dodgers under Discipline to attack. With one twist of its head the Dodger burned them all as they charged. They threw themselves from the path into the eternal blackness, disappearing finally like fire flies in the deep pit. Helping Belial to his feet I seized the opportunity and used the Gate to take us to safety. The last thing I remember was stepping into Heled as a single white feather dropped to my feet. I put it with the other two and threw the box into the hiding place.


  1. Official Interplay Walkthrough:
    "Level One - Dominion: Vine, the major demon and Master of Dominion rules this level. To successfully traverse this level you must collect 'brains' and place them in the brain machine. This lowers the platforms to allow exit. Defeat Vine and the Power of Dominion is granted. This shields Adam from Illusions [useful against Belial later".
  2. Johann Weyer: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (1577):
    "Vine is a great king and an earle, he showeth himselfe as a lion, riding on a blacke horsse, and carrieth a viper in his hand, he gladlie buildeth large towres, he throweth downe stone walles, and maketh waters rough. At the commandement of the exorcist he answereth of things hidden, of witches, and of things present, past, and to come.".
  3. The Lesser Key of Solomon (as translated by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, 1904):
    "VINÉ.--The Forty-fifth Spirit is Viné, or Vinea. He is a Great King, and an Earl; and appeareth in the Form of a Lion, [Or with the Head of a Lion, or having a Lion's Head, in some Codices.] riding upon a Black Horse, and bearing a Viper in his hand. His Office is to discover Things Hidden, Witches, Wizards, and Things Present, Past, and to Come. He, at the command of the Exorcist will build Towers, overthrow Great Stone Walls, and make the Waters rough with Storms. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, which wear thou, as aforesaid, etc.".
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