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The Urge is a brown, canine creature with a rat's tail that's roaming around Florentine's Observatory, specifically in the entrance area by the staircase where we find Aelf's Breastplate and in the broad area with the flickering, electrical light.

This creature is name-checked in Florentine's Journal. The corresponding texture is titled URGWLK.BMP, which is why I freely deduced the connection. Additionally, the creature is referenced in Florentine's Journal and by the Security Guard of Florentine's Library.

Security Guard of Florentine's Library

Library Guard: Welcome, Master Florentine. I trust you are well. And what will it be today Sir? Unfortunately I was not able to locate the book yoou asked me to find. Shall I procure a cup of Darjeeling for you Sir? Some Brandy perhaps? Are you looking for anything in particular Sir? What do you intend to do with Hawk Sir? Raysiel sent another Emissary this morning. The Urges still report the intruders are within the grounds. Are there any special orders you wish for me to pass onto them?

Entry, 2nd of October 1783 ad.

Florentine: The Shard and Seal is broken and the fragments within my hands but the Yielders have been unsuccessful in their task. One crawled back to me through the pages of the library on fire and died. As I dowsed the flames it became clear that it was not the fire that had driven it from its task. In its mouth was a bloody white feather and about its body were deep marks that should have been made by claws but were not. They were the wounds of some blade which would have had to have been enchanted given the precision of the gashes. This is surely not the work of the Dodger. Something lurks now within the Tower and I know not what. Last night in my dreams I touched the Sword and immediately found myself at the Soulstone. Abaddon was there. Quite unexpectedly he told me that someone would come; someone who would take his place as Keeper of the Seals. And another, born from the Tree of Life - someone who wield the Sword for me in the last Ceremony - that or destroy utterly our efforts.
I have placed a single Urge upon each Gate within the Void with instructions to report any sighting within that place. The two feathers I now keep in a safe box.


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