The Anatomy of Christ


The Anatomy of Christ[1] is a book found on the shelf inside the room to the left side of the main entrance of Charles Randall's Vicarage, which is accessible by using the KeyVicarage Key from the walk-in closet. According to Rebecca, the book apparently belongs to someone other than Adam's father, judging by the aura it's emanating.[2]

The book does not serve any practical purpose and probably acts as more of a narrative element. The title may be a reference to French philosopher's Godfrey of Saint Victor's treatise of the same name, appended to his cycle of poems called Fons philosophiae (Latin for "Fountain of Philosophy"). The treatise is considered a leading example of medieval Christian symbolism, "ascribing to each member and organ of Christ's body some aspect of man's natural and supernatural purpose"[3]

Further ReadingEdit

Translated copy of Fons philosophiae in pdf format.


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