The Soulstone lies in the Chamber of the Soulstone which is situated in the Realm of Sheol. The Soulstone represents the neutrality of the Universe, a channel of sorts, attracting all living thoughts and giving them form. Evil thoughts manifest as demons and pure thoughts are represented by angels. The Is or God, respectively is the supreme embodiment of all Man's pure thoughts, but without form. Lucifer, on the other hand, is the sum total of all the thoughts of all living things evil. The Soulstone is the balance that keeps all things equal though some speculate as to whether it was created or simply came into being. Originally, it was protected by seven seals. Throughout the last centuries, six of them have been broken by Claude Florentine who received immortality in exchange for his assistance with the destruction, his primary motive being the supremacy of Darkness.

Goodness reflects the light; and evil bears the seed of all darkness. Choose well.