This page shall serve as a repository of games that strike a similar vein as Realms of the Haunting, particularly in terms of atmosphere, presentation and story-telling.

Azrael's TearEdit

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Clive Barker's UndyingEdit

Dark EarthEdit

I think Dark Earth came kind of close in terms of having combat and puzzles, but the story wasn't nearly as complex or compelling.

Cindy KM

Delaware St. John'sEdit

Killing TimeEdit

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Lands of Lore (3)Edit

LOL3 is ROTH in a fantasy setting (with levels set in a haunted house and a C&C base).


Legacy: Realm of TerrorEdit

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Atmospheric horror adventure and roleplaying mixture, developed by Microprose in 1992. The Legacy combines a step by step moving to explore the house and a real time combat-system (it is very interesting that one has the opportunity to spell prepare in advance so that they succeed in the fight safely, also takes the chance to hit in melee, represented by the blue bar below the character sheet from, when to quick succession strikes) deposits with puzzles and adventure inspired by a Lovecraft story. The great graphics (watch the the character making a scare face when he hits the first time a unnatural creature ...) and the monotone, threatening music makes The Legacy a very interesting title.


Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, The Legacy: Realm of Terroris a tale of gothic horror in which your character inherits the creepy Winthrop mansion. It seems as if your recently deceased ancestors, the Winthrops, have been pursuing dealing-with-the-devil type antics in the realm of terror and have unleashed some deadly denizens of the underworld to once again rule the mansion. [...] The interface is completely mouse driven (although some keyboard controls are available) and your explorations are viewed through a first-person, realtime, perspective. The Legacy: Realm of Terror combines standard role-playing fare (modifiable attributes, spell casting, skills development) with elements of adventure gaming (exploration, NPCs, inventory management, puzzle-solving) to create this dark and foreboding trip into terror territory.

Michael L. House (AllGame)

Then it came to me...the beginning of this game is very similar to Legacy (Micropose). Has anybody else noticed the similarity? Of course the graphics are better in ROTH but the whole idea of starting out in a haunted house with mazes an dungeons in the basement and locked doors in the house with mystic symbols on them is exactly the same as Legacy.

Alan Jay Dion

A guilty secret. This Microprose RPG was one of the first games I ever bought – not played, but bought, with actual money, in an actual box and everything. I think it was a good year or so after the thing was actually out, but for some reason it caught my eye in the shop and stuck in my head, convincing me to save my pennies and head back a few weeks later to treat myself to it.

Very much a teenager, I was reading a lot of tawdry horror fiction at the time, and though I was yet to have any experience of Lovecraft or Poe, The Legacy‘s haunted gothic mansion setting was enough to grab me on its own.

Alec Meer (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Wheel of TimeEdit