Attack Type
Attack Patterns
Ranged (Handgun)
Ranged (Magical Missiles)

The Shadows are a humanoid type of enemy that appear in different segments of the Mansion as well as in Raquia, and in the vicinity of St. Michael's and Charles Randall's Vicarage. They wear black smoking suits that bear a red sigil on the back, in the shape of an encircled cross.

At close range, these men-in-black shoot bullets from their handgun, inflicting relatively little damage in comparison to the magical missiles that they throw at us from greater distances.

The name of this creature is revealed to us by taking a closer look at the corresponding texture, which we can extract with the help of the XWE Editor from the ROTH/M/ADEMO.DAS folder of our ROTH installation: SHADOW.shadowy figure.BMP

Additionally, these enemies are name-checked in the official Interplay walkthrough:

Go to the room from the courtyard guarded by a giant monster, kill him and collect the grenade launcher. Watch out for Belial’s bodyguards - the Shadows.

Apart from the Shadows as a type of enemy, Shadows are also spoken of in a more conceptual manner on the Writings on the Wall in Florentine's Cottage.

The mind is stronger than most would believe, Florentine, far stronger. In the whole, it is man's mind that forms the creatures he sees around him. His thoughts and hitherto his creation thoughts move like waters against the rock like at the clay wheel, forging and creating the shadows they see around them; shadows of light, shadows of darkness, shadows from the soul. The minds that are strong whether in virtue or flaw - create these shadows, the minions of all darkness and the avatars of all that is light. These creatures are the manifestation of the mind. They are whole only by man's thoughts and the strongest of minds will create the purest of both. So do not say that these creatures are otherworldly for they are not. They are part of man as he is part of them. The projections of powerful minds.



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