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Door with unbreakable wardFlorentine's Library (Items: Complete Map of the Tower, 3 Parchments, Quill & Ink, 1 Health Potion)Weapon: FlintlockItem: Quartz Statuette, required to access Florentine's LibraryRune GuideGreen Sphere which serves as a portal to the Gnarl (Green Crystal required)Study (Items: Sword, Dragon Shield, 4 Letters, 5 Serpent Statuettes, 3 Masks)Dormitory (Health Potion and a movable chest which opens the adjacent door)Armoury (Items: Incomplete Map of the Tower, 6 Shotgun Shells)Chapel with Tiny Room Key (1 Serpent Statuette required)Memory's GardenMap-House
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<img id="Image-Maps-Com-image-maps-2014-07-07-083905" src="" border="0" width="768" height="768" orgWidth="768" orgHeight="768" usemap="#image-maps-2014-07-07-083905" alt="" /> <map name="image-maps-2014-07-07-083905" id="ImageMapsCom-image-maps-2014-07-07-083905"> <area alt="" title="Door with unbreakable ward" href="" shape="rect" coords="434,163,452,177" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Florentine's Library" href="" shape="rect" coords="485,164,550,214" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Weapon: Flintlock" href="" shape="rect" coords="574,289,657,349" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Item: Quartz Statuette, required to access Florentine's Library" href="" shape="rect" coords="460,545,528,582" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Rune Guide" href="" shape="rect" coords="434,431,453,455" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Green Sphere which serves as a portal to the Gnarl (Green Crystal required)" href="" shape="rect" coords="245,532,275,574" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Study (Items: Sword, Dragon Shield, 4 Letters, 5 Serpent Statuettes)" href="" shape="rect" coords="185,519,231,577" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Dormitory" href="" shape="rect" coords="241,466,307,500" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Armoury (Items: Incomplete Map of the Tower, 6 Shotgun Shells)" href="" shape="rect" coords="240,417,306,450" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area alt="" title="Chapel with Tiny Room Key (1 Serpent Statuette required)" href="" shape="rect" coords="94,321,182,370" style="outline:none;" target="_self" /> <area shape="rect" coords="766,766,768,768" alt="Image Map" style="outline:none;" title="Image Map" href="" /> </map>

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NB: courtesy of Stadtwiki Görlitz

Portrayed by
Dave Roberts
Voiced by
Thomas Krause


Haunted House (trope, other interesting edifices reminiscent of the Mansion in ROTH)Edit

  • Exham Priory (Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Rats in the Walls, 1923)
  • Hill House / Harlaxton Manor (Jan de Bont: The Haunting, 1999)
  • The Judge's House (Bram Stoker: The Judge's House, 1891)
  • House of Roderick Usher (Edgar Allan Poe: The Fall of the House of Usher, 1839)

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