Raym is an entity not actually encountered in the game, but mentioned by one of the voices that can be heard while travelling through the Tower:

It is Raym. And with him follow the hordes of Hell.

Additionally, Raym is mentioned in the German translation of Florentine's Journal, where the entry of the 15th of January 1330 ends with the following line, conveying the impression that Florentine considers Raym an adversary:

Wie auch immer, Belial versichterte mir, daß der letzte dieser, der Verdammnis geweihten, Gärtner den Tod fand, als der Seelenstein niederging. Ich muß ihm Glauben schenken, es gibt keine Beweise. Überdies muß ich mich derzeit gegen Raym behaupten.
Translation: Whether what he saw was figment or truth, I cannot say but Belial reliably informs us that the last of the Gardeners perished at the Fall of the Stone. I must take his word as truth, there is no evidence. Furthermore I have to stand up against Raym right now.

According to Johann Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Raym (alternatively spelled Räum or Raum) is a Great Earl of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons. He is depicted as a crow which adopts human form at the request of the conjurer. Raym steals treasures out of kings' houses, carrying them where he wishes, and destroys cities and dignities of men (he is said to have great dispraise for dignities). He can also tell things past, present and future, and reconcile friends and foes.

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