For a welcome break of comic relief, let's delight ourselves with some of the more cheeky dialogues between Rebecca and Adam.

Adam: Hmm. Looking good.
Rebecca: If you could possibly tear yourself away Adam, we've got business remember?

—Looking into the mirror at the end of the blue-carpeted staircase that also leads to the Study.

Adam: Cracked.
Rebecca: Maybe it saw you coming.

—Looking at a smashed mirror in the mansion.

Adam: Candle.
Rebecca (deadpan): Tallow I believe.

—Examining one of the many candelabra in the Mansion.

Adam: The design on this is similar to the floor stone in the fountain room.
Rebecca: Your observation's going to be a credit to you one day, Adam Randall.

—Reflecting on the Chalice from Arqua.

Adam: Blow it out of your arse.

—In response to Florentine demanding the Shrive from him during their encounter in the Mausoleum. Adam's exclamation is actually a reference to Duke Nukem 3D, one of the first ego-shooters released for PC.

AELF: Put it on, Adam, it will fit, though you are something less across the shoulders than I was at my prime.
REBECCA: grins

—After finding Aelf's Breastplate

Adam: Knight or some soldier. Definitely Norman period though.
Rebecca: You aren't the idiot I first took you for, are you?

—Inside St. Michael's, in the small room where Adam and Rebecca find Aelf's helm, upon examining the statue.

Adam: Turquoise. (tur-kwoiz)
Rebecca: Your pronunciation's terrible Adam. It should be pronounced tur-kwahz.
Adam: So a tortoise is actually a tor-twahze then...?

—Reflecting on the blue gem stone.

Adam: This is a Topaz.
Rebecca: Right. But it's a false Topaz. A transparent yellow variety of Quartz.
Adam: (with fake astonishment): You don't say...

—Reflecting on the yellow gem stone.

Adam: Look at the grime on this. Someone call bug hunters.
Rebecca: So you're telling me yours isn't like this.
Adam: Of course not...

—Inspecting the refrigerator inside the Kitchen of the Vicarage.

Adam: How the hell is this working?
Rebecca: Search me.
Adam: Maybe later...
Rebecca: I'm sorry! Did you say something?
Adam: No. It's probably the wind...

—Inspecting the lamp on the writing table in the TV room of the Vicarage.

Adam: This crucifix...
Rebecca: Ah. Let me stop you there. This is a cross, not a crucifix. Some people make that fundamental mistake. What about it anyway?
Adam: Nothing. Sister Trevisard.

—Examining the altar in St. Michael's.

Adam: Who do think that spirit was that procured the sword Eternity?
Rebecca: Well, given the Persian undertones of Arqua and the fact that he materialised from a fountain, there's a good chance that he was Tishtrya.
Adam: I've heard of him. Yes, the Iranian god of water.
Rebecca: God of all water. Clouds, lakes and the sea. He was an ally of Ahura Mazdah the Wise Lord in the struggle against the dark forces of evil under Ahriman in mythol.
Adam (a little irritated): OK Rebecca, that was a long time ago...

—After having received Eternity from Tishtrya.

Adam: Those new pages from Florentine's Journal shed any new light on who he is?
Rebecca: Not really. We know only that he was a Templar Knight and the Head Priest of the Temple of the Morning Star.
Adam: You mean shit-head priest...
Rebecca: Adam, I know how you must feel... Let's try to be constructive here.

—Reflecting on Claude Florentine.

Adam: Dreams are more significant than I imagined.
Rebecca: Most dreams are. Florentine dreams about a sword and a place where it was guarded from him. He goes on further.
Adam: Go on.
Rebecca: Look, how about reading the Journal yourself for a change.
Adam: I will if you can tear yourself away from it for five minutes!
Rebecca: Well! Perhaps you'd rather I left you to it?
Adam: Rebecca. Just give me the damn book.

—Reflecting on Florentine's dreams.

Adam: Belial... that piece of shit. That devious, pus-faced, evil... mother. I'm clearly going to have to finish what I thought was done a long time ago. Despite appearances, he's still very impressed with himself - bound to make a mistake sooner or later. I'll be waiting.

—"Reflecting" on Belial