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Paul Green is a British video game producer and visual novel artist, responsible for the plot, background and character design of Realms of the Haunting, while also playtesting the puzzles and gameplay. As such, he became so adept at the game that he eventually managed to finish it within two hours and thirty minutes, an anecdote he humorously revealed in his interview with Retro Gamer magazine.[1]
He grew up an avid table-top RPG player, with an early interest in games such as Call of Cthulhu and Runequest.

In the Retro Gamer feature mentioned above, Paul also speaks about the inspirations on the game's developing process, revealing some of his own cinematographical and literary favourites, such as Michael Mann's The Keep, because "[he] just loved the creeping sense of doom and horror it created," as well as John Carpenter's The Thing, "which you can obviously see in the title sequence to the game."

In 2014, Paul held a Photoshop presentation for the Design & Visual Arts Department at Sheffield College, sharing some with the students some insights and experiences of his longlasting work in the video game industry. From the presentation's retrospect we learn that Paul has also been active as a Graphic Novel Artist, having "pencilled, inked and coloured well received titles such as Starship Trooper, Flash Gordon, Warblazers, Judge Dredd and [....] Overrun."

List of GamesEdit

Apart from his work on Realms of the Haunting, Paul has been involved in the production of the following games:[2]

  • Zool (1993)
  • Top Gear 2 (1993)
  • Space Hulk (1993)
  • Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing (1993)
  • Shadow Fighter (1994)
  • Retribution (1994)
  • Newman/Haas IndiCar featuring Nigel Mansell (1994)
  • K240 (1994)
  • Slipstream 5000 (1995)
  • Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
  • Sandwarriors (1997)
  • Soulbringer (2000)
  • Live for Speed (2003)