Inside Florentine's Library we find three unsourced texts which were written by hand on parchment.


A traveller's account on Raquia, Arqua and SheolEdit

whilst walking Raquia. It is the place of Spirit and is ruled over by the power of the Jailer. In my dream I came at once upon a tall stone tower where there dwelt the Power who reigns over incarceration. He is the aforementioned and he said unto me as I walked his gardens, "The Key of Tears is thine if thy can but solve my puzzle and there past, pass by my ear." I answered not and went from that green place and did speak with one who stood by a fountain.

"How pleasant this place to eye and ear," I called to him across the stream. He answered, "But not for those who come to deceive." With a call like a bird did that soul change in form to that of a monstrous beast and I fled from the light that poured from its jaw.

I walked then the place of Arqua and was told by the First Soul not to write of this place if I was to receive what was rightfully mine. I left that place and awoke with the mark of his word upon my arm to remind me of the pact.

Through smoke and fire, hail and ice I came then upon that place of ice and fire known to man as Hell, that terrible hall of eternal woe that is Sheol where the seasons differ greatly from our own, being longer and with harvests and sowing at wider intervals. The people who live by the shores of Sheol are able to cross the whirlwind spaces to visit all the places of the Universe and can speak all other languages.

Authors unknown, unsourced documents.

Account on Raquia and Raysiel Edit

First Page Edit

In my dream I came at once upon a tall stone tower within a puzzle where there dwelt the one who reigns over incarceration. His name was Raysiel and he said unto me as I walked the gardens, "The Key is thine if thy can but solve my riddle and pass by my ear." I answered not and went from that green place and did speak with one by a sparkling fountain who called himself the tender of that place.

"How pleasant this place to eye and ear." I called to him across the stream. He answered, "But not for those who come with evil heart." With a call like a bird did the gardener change his form to that of a monstrous beast and I fled from the light that poured from its jaw.

Raysiel - the Jailer - fear him and his powers of internment. Fear him too for he has the power to set all free. Seek him only at the last, for the tower in which he abides lies centre to a vast puzzle which few men have solved. Audience is never granted but his image can sometimes be perceived as the traveller walketh the endless gardens of his domain endlessly striving to unlock the key to his puzzle. His domain is a place of beauty but do not be fooled, for it is the dwelling place of those who have failed the puzzle and must dwell eternally within the dark prison set below.

Those who have heart and wheir need is great enough will solve the puzzle and find themselves within the tower at last where a key can be found that the locks of the worlds are no match for. That key is the Key of Tears. But tread close and stealthily for if that presence known as the jailer doth hear thine footsteps then all is lost and the trap will be sprung. Stealth is the key. All who tread this place take note and remember my words for they are true.

Second PageEdit

In most but not all accounts of this personality, Raysiel appears as a tall man wearing black raiment, his movements accompanied by the sounds of chains and keys banging together. This form is the one most associated with services and state affairs. He mostly appears in a monstrous humanoid form, limbs stretched and out of proportion with skeletal bat-like wings protruding from his temples. His teeth are of gold and his exes are of the silve of the monstrous key chain that swings at his side. Raysiel's imminent appearance is always heralded by the loud sound of his Key being twisted in a lock and his departure ends with the deafening crash of a door closing.

Authors unknown, unsourced documents rescued from the Iranian merchant ship Condor, c C14th C.F.

Legendary Cornwall documents on fact & fiction, collected texts copied from source.Edit

First PageEdit

The Legend of Hell's Stone
According to legend the Devil was flying over Cornwall with a huge boulder to block up the entrance to Hell when St. Michael challenged him to battle.
In the battle the Devil dropped the stone and where it fell the place became known as Hell's Stone or now commonly as Helston. To celebrate this victory the people of the town danced through the streets and it became known as the Furry Dance which still takes place upon the closest Saturday to the festival of the town's Patron Saint, the Archangel St. Michael.
Land's End
Legend tells that the entrance to Lyonesse was once to be found at Land's End. Fishermen today still say that the drowned buildings of Lyonesse can sometimes be seen around the Seven Stones Lighthouse.
Port Isaac
A short way from the village lies the remains of Castle Damelioc where the Earl of Cornwall, Gorlois was killed by the hand of King Uther Pendragon. Uther followed Igerna the dead Earl's wife to Tintagel and with the aid of Merlin assumed the form of Gorlois to seduce Igerna who conceived a child who later became King Arthur.
St. Michael's Mount
The Cornish name for this place is 'the ancient rock in the wood' because at low tide there can be seen fossilised remains of an ancient forest which once covered the coast at St. Michael's Mount.

Second PageEdit

The Vicar of Talland, Parson Dodge enjoyed fame as an exorcist in the early part of the 18th Century.
Trewoofe (pronounced 'trove') was once the grand house of the powerful and influential Lovelis family. Approximately 200 years ago the Squire gave chase to a white hare which disappeared into a cave. When the Squire found the hare it had changed into a witch and he further discovered that the cave was a coven led by a demon who the Squire recognised as the same stranger who had seduced his wife some time before. The Squire emerged from the cave some time later demented and totally insane. The Squire and his hunting dogs haunt the place to this day.
Carn Kenidjack
Legend would have it that many years ago two miners were passing the Carn one late night when they were overtaken by a black robed horseman who asked them if they would watch a wrestling match on the Carn. They by now horrified and terrified miners accepted but found that they had joined a party of demons and that horseman was in fact the Devil. During the match one of the demons was thrown against a rock and the two miners who still showed a sense of Christian love whispered a prayer into its ear as it appeared to be dying. As they spoke the prayer the very land rumbled and groaned as the whole demonic troop were consumed by the earth in a fearsome black cloud.


Adam: Hmm. Hand-written text.
Rebecca: What's it say?
Adam: This reads like some religious text.
Rebecca: Definitely no Apocrypha I've ever read.

Adam: Parchment. Written by hand. This's starting to make sense now.
Rebecca: Raysiel. And his Realm of Raquia.

Adam: Parchment. Hand-written.
Rebecca: What's it say?
Adam: Parchment on historical and legendary Cornwall.
Rebecca: Might be something useful in that.


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