Locations in Heled
Memory's Garden
Chapter IV:
Tales from the Tower
OuthouseKey2 Outhouse Key

Runeguide Rune Guide

YEILER0 3 Yielders (minor)
1YWK 2 Yielders (major)

Memory's Garden is the central and largest courtyard of the Mansion, and referred to as such by the playback menu. This is the location which Adam and Rebecca end up after their first voyage to the Tower. In the just vicinity of the Tower Gate with a glowing green ARCANEW4.ward of an arcane appearance ward on it, there's a tree with several hung-up skeletons, sacrifices according to Rebecca, and the whole space is filled with numerous statues, some of them headless (potentially "blasted off," as Rebecca speculates) and others whispering unnerving mantras like "The Marked One approaches", "Will he destroy us or save us?" and "Take us back to the Gardens".

Additionally, there are two pools of water[1], at the bottom of which can be found the OuthouseKey2 Outhouse Key, required to access the small nearby room containing the useful Rune Guide which holds information about the four Realms and their respective symbol, and thus alleviates navigation through the Tower.
The parchment is protected by a green ward ARCANEW4.ward of an arcane appearance though, the same we've already caught on the garden's tower gate, and taking the scroll triggers an ominous voice message and the appearance of two duos of both minor YEILER0 and major 1YWK Yielders outside in the garden.

Opposite the outhouse, there's another small and entirely dark room which will only spawn a single minor Yielder YEILER0 upon entering.

Whispering Statues (Audio Files)Edit

The Marked One Approaches!
Will He Destroy Us?
Or Save Us?
Does He Have the Power?
Must Have the Power!
Take Us Back to the Gardens!
Walk with us!



  1. Adam: That doesn't look like rainwater to me...
    Rebecca: So what it is then?
    Adam: I haven't got a clue but... Hey, there's something catching the light.

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