Locations in Heled

The Mausoleum
Colt-45 Colt-45*
Shotgun Shotgun
Staff Creator's Staff
Orb Metallic Orb
Colt-45Magazine 19 (+2*) Magazines
ShotgunCartridge 23 Cartridges
Map-Mausoleum2 Map of the Mausoleum
Parchment-Shrive2 Sketch of the Shrive
VialGreen 3 Green Vials
VialRed 6 Red Vials
IronKey Lever Key
Shriveb Shrive
Serpent 1 Serpent Statuette
YEILER0 Yielders (minor)
1YWK Yielders (major)
Robot Robots
Skeleton Skeletons
Slander Slanderers

The Mausoleum constitutes the first major dungeon type of area in Realms of the Haunting. It is also setting for several important events: receiving the Marks and the Shrive, and meeting Aelf for the first time who from then on will provide guidance. Adam will also encounter Claude Florentine who he already became acquainted with prior to entering the house, disguised as the priest Elias Camber. After emerging safely from the Mausoleum, Adam will meet Rebecca Trevisard and continue on his journey with her assistance.

Apparently, Florentine attempted to delve into this place as early as 1929, considering the Map Map-Mausoleum2 that bears his initials. Not having the Marks (and the Shrive), his investigations came to a premature end, as he could neither access the Holy Shrine nor the section beyond the double-winged door ALFDOR1.doorin anteroom that features two knights and the Shrive symbol (illustrated by his despaired "Qu'y a-t-il de l'autre cote [sic] de la Porte?" written at the bottom of the map).



Stepping through the secret door that's integrated into the bookcase in the Mansion's Study, we're immediately welcomed by 1 YEILER0 minor Yielder, after whose defeat we move down into the stony corridors of the dungeon. A long flight of stairs later, we're surprised to find that the path behind us will collapse, leaving us no choice but to continue onwards through these unhospitable grounds. Adding to our perplexity and misery, there's a basin of seething lava to our left.


It should be noted that, in case we haven't picked up the Colt-45 from the sideboard in the Typewriter Room, we will find another Colt-45 Pistol along with 2 Colt-45Magazine Magazines stashed in a small alcove next to the rubble that's now blocking our way back. On return to the Typewriter Room, the original Colt-45 will still be there.[1]

Moving on, we come across a pool of water from which another minor Yielder spawns. On the floor we spot one more Colt-45Magazine Magazine for our Pistol. Descending another staircase, our attention is drawn to a green pentagram painted on the wall to our right, approaching it triggers a minor Yielder. The room we subsequently come into features a similar occult painting on the floor. Hidden inside some wooden crates we gather two more Colt-45Magazine Magazines, as well as two boxes of ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Shells, picking up the latter will trigger a minor Yielder (accompanied by the sound of disembodied laughter mockingly resonating through the room). To the left of the corridor that we came in through, there's a wooden door with a circular aperture in the middle, allowing us to insert the Orb Metallic Orb found inside a niche close by, along with another Colt-45Magazine Magazine. Treading inside, we're confronted with another minor Yielder. Considering the rather gloomy impression we've gained of the dungeon so far, we can attest a certain cosiness to this room, which apparently served Florentine as a kind of make-shift study[2], featuring two rugs (though the colour on the weave is badly faded) and an extinguished fireplace, an armchair and a small table with the Map-Mausoleum2 Map of the Mausoleum, as well as a small bureau from which we gather 1 VialGreen Green Vial and a Parchment-Shrive2 sketch of a peculiar symbol and door. On the left side of the armchair, we discover 4 Colt-45Magazine Magazines and 1 ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridge.

Exiting, we decide to explore the path to our left, crossing a small bridge over a stream of seething lava, and are immediately kettled in by two minor Yielders. Cautiously moving down the subsequent flight of stairs we end up inside a small den, at the far end of which we spot a Shotgun Shotgun along with 1 ShotgunCartridge Box of Shotgun Shells and 2 VialGreen Green Vials, guarded by a quartet of minor Yielders. Backtracking up the stairs, we proceed along the second path at our disposal, to the opposite side of the wooden door that required the Metallic Orb to open.

Following along the meandering stairs, we soon make the acquaintance of a new type of enemy, a robot Robot of sorts. After having blown 3 of them to pieces with our newly acquired Winchester M1897 Shotgun, we come into a brighter section filled with several knight statues dating from the Norman period. There's a staircase in front of us, but we decide to take a look at what's beyond the door to our left first.

The chamber we enter is adorned with various religious tapestries and murals, in the rear end we spot a shimmering chest tomb (hearing the same sound that characterises the tower gates) and a pentagrammic drawing on the ceiling above it. In the middle of the room there's a triangular terrace bearing a small red pentagram on the ground and on the ceiling above it.

There are two doors with levers, accessing the first one, we enter a corridor whose stonewalling features more of the green pentagrammic paintings we've already seen at the entrance of the Mausoleum. Crossing another stream of lava and hearing ominous robotic noises from afar, we eventually tread inside a chamber in which we're overwhelmed by a multitude of Robot Robots that will keep regenerating from a flagstone until we press a series of four glowing hand-shaped glyphs TGWALLB.glowing wall in the right order (nota bene that the fourth button will only appear inside a niche after pressing the third one that can be found inside the respawning den). Thankfully, all the remaining cyborgs will collapse once we've pushed the last hand button. Investigating the section by the respawner, we discover a writing on the wall:

Chullum ashdar in derias

the recital of which will convert the regenerator into a teleporter that sends us to a bright chamber filled with various inanimate Robots and more of the Norman knight statues we've already come across. Moving up the staircase in the far end allows us to reaccess the room with the shimmering chest tomb and proceed through the second unexplored door.

Following another dark staircase we come across 5 minor Yielders, patrolling around the slightly labyrinthian corridors. Taking the wooden door in front of us, we enter a room that's barred on one side and filled with numerous wooden crates from which we meticulously gather 4 Colt-45Magazine Magazines and 2 ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges. On the right side of the bars we discover a lever, pulling it triggers a timed event that leaves us about 15 seconds to rush out of the crate room and follow the path to our left until we reach another wooden door that the lever temporarily opens, allowing us to access a small room in which we're confronted with a minor Yielder. There's water dripping from the ceiling, by the way. To kindle our bemusement even further, we hear the disembodied weeping of an old woman and the beating of a heart that seem to originate from a small drain grate, above which we spot an IronKey Iron Key, the Lever Key. Taking it will spawn another minor Yielder and silence the unnerving laughter, though the pounding will remain. Inside the wooden crates we find some more valuable ammunition, 5 Colt-45Magazine Pistol Magazines and 5 ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges.

Upon exiting the room, we'll be confronted with 2 Robot Robots, threateningly informing us that "[our] presence violates the pact, as it is written, as it was, so shall it be, for all eternity." After blowing them to pieces, our business down here is finished, hence we return up the stairs and back into the room with the shimmering chest tomb and religious murals, from which we can finally proceed onwards into the large and brightly illuminated chamber in which we would have previously reached an impasse.

Bright Chamber with Statues Edit


The door on the left leads to the Holy Shrine with Creator's Staff and Shrive

Walking down into the bright chamber we find that the stairs will sink to the ground, effectively trapping us. To the left side there's a lever though, which will raise the staircase again. Taking in our surroundings, we spot a wooden door to our left, behind which we're greeted by another Robot. Moving up a few steps and looking left, our eyes fall on a portcullis that serves as a shortcut back to the room with the shimmering chest tomb and rich religious wall decoration. As we continue to explore the area we've just entered, we spot another wooden door off in the back of the room which bears a passage from the Second Epistle to the Corinthians (King James translation):

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness [...][3]

The door opens up to a confined room in which we're confronted with another minor Yielder, our reward being another 3 ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges. A few steps further, we enter through yet another wooden door with a doorknocker, leading us to a crate-filled stash from which we gather more ammunition for our firearms: 3 Colt-45Magazine and 4 ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges.

Throne Room Edit


Proceeding forward along the only remaining path at our disposal, our attention is soon drawn to a curiously shimmering and humming portal, which we boldly decide to tread through. Our trespassing is acoustically accompanied by a short, solemn, monkish sort of chant. We're considerably impressed by what we find beyond the portal, a sort of gloomy unorthodox chapel with monastic cross vault, illuminated by a viridescent light falling in through the window sides and filled with various chest tombs, the key feature being the peculiar large throne in the far end which appears to be made from bones. Its design infact partially mirrors the human anatomy, seeing as we can clearly identify a rib-cage, pelvic bone blades and a skull. On top, there's a replication of the SKEP5.shrive behind throne Shrive symbol.

Inching forward, we find two more pieces of religious writing, scrawled on either side of the stately seat, which apparently cite certain passages from Hosea 4:6 and Leviticus 26:22 (King James translation):

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"[4]

I will also send wild beasts amongst [sic] you"[5]

Sitting on the throne, Adam's hands will be branded with the Shrive symbol: Eye of the Beast Branded

Backtracking through the portcullis to the bright chamber that's filled with inanimate Robots and Norman knight statues, we decide to explore the far end. Taking the wooden door to our left, we will fall down a hole, taking considerable damage in the process, which can be neutralised by the VialRed Red Potion we find down here. Moving on, we have to deal with 3 more minor Yielders and end up in a damp cavern of sorts, whose mossy walls are covered with several untarnished shackles. The rusty portcullis takes some effort (three clicks) to open and leads us to some sort of hideout, featuring a small chair and writing table, from which we gather 2 more ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges. Continuing upstairs, a stone wall will be lowered, and we find ourselves back in front of the Throne Room.

Holy Shrine with Creator's Staff and Shrive Edit

Backtracking once more to the bright central chamber, we find that the IronKey Iron Key we've picked up will allow us to open the door to the right side of the imposing statue Obelisk in the far end of the chamber, behind which we enter a hallway whose floor is scattered with innumerable bones and whose walls feature Angelic murals. Having three paths at our disposal, taking the left one first will lead us over a small wooden bridge, on which we're confronted with 2 minor Yielders and 1 major Yielder, to a small stash of 2 valuable VialRed Red Potions. Backtracking to the entrance of this section, we explore the small room to our right, in which we discover but another chest tomb.


Altar with Creator's Staff and Shrive

Proceeding along the central path, we pass by a considerably large water basin and ascend a staircase that leads us to a Holy Shrine. As we slowly advance into the room, observing with a certain awe the imposing white marble statues to either side and slightly infatuated by the profound smell of incense, our attention is drawn to an TEMPONE.stone alter altar stone placed in front of a large angel statue in the far end of the chamber. Having been branded with the symbol of the Shrive, we're allowed to take the Shriveb eponymous artefact and the Staff Creator's Staff. After having received the gifts, two of the hitherto inanimate ANG3.stat5 in shrine marble statues will turn into Slander Slanderers (which is unfortunate as Adam sensed a certain calm around these things).
Eye of the Beast Creator - Safe Passage
Eye of the Beast Creator - Holy Shrine
Eye of the Beast Creator - Father's Fate
Eye of the Beast Creator - 'By this Sign...'

Meeting Florentine and Aelf Edit


Now in possession of the Shrive, we return once more to the bright chamber with the Robots and Norman knight statues, approaching the Obelisk imposing statue[6] in the far end and speaking the words of power:

Chullum ashdar in derias

after which we'll have to deal with two more minor Yielders, but are eventually allowed to proceed beyond. Nota bene that if we choose to keep silent, we'll be attacked by the two hitherto inanimate Robots placed inside the chamber.

Moving up the stony winding staircase we come into a room quite reminiscent in appearance of the corridor that led us to the Holy Shrine, the walls being adorned with similarly lush murals. Enter Claude Florentine who demands the Shrive from us. In our head, we're quite amused by the prospect of witnessing his hands being burned off but alas, the developers do not allow us to give him the artefact. Denying his request, he summons three Skeleton Skeletons from the bone-scattered grounds. All available exits will be sealed with REDWARD.door with red ward red lemniscatic wards which will only disappear after having dealt with our enemies.
Eye of the Beast Florentine - Sorceror's Entrance
Eye of the Beast Florentine - Concerns
Eye of the Beast Florentine - Fatherly Love
Eye of the Beast Florentine - Need
Eye of the Beast Florentine - the Summoning

Moving along we soon find ourselves in front of a finely worked, double-winged door ALFDOR1.doorin anteroom featuring two knights and the Shrive symbol. Remembering the parchment Parchment-Shrive2 we've picked up earlier inside the little writing chamber, we decide to insert the eponymous artefact Shriveb into the designated aperture, allowing us to enter the actual Mausoleum.

This area is filled with various chest tombs placed inside alcoves on either side of the central alley. Meticulously investigating every nook and cranny we're able to gather a whole of 3 ShotgunCartridge Shotgun Cartridges, 2 Colt-45Magazine Pistol Magazines, as well as one more Serpent Serpent Statuette stashed next to another Norman knight statue.

Proceeding into the second half of this area, a large basin reveals itself in front of us, filled with shallow water and lined on both sides with pillars and BRIER1.brier in sarco torches (or briers, as their corresponding sprites are called), infusing the room with an air of solemnity, an impression that intensifies as our eyes fall on the murals of angels and winged horses adorning some of the walls in the back. Nota bene: once we've made the acquaintance of Rebecca inside the Study, we can return to the Mausoleum together with her, and investigating the torches, she will comment on their inherent magical quality.[7]

Combing the alcoves to the right side of the water basin, we spot a carving of sorts, in the shape of a staff. As we approach the shrine with the marble altar stone and the Persian incense burners[8] in the far end of the chamber, a cutscene will be triggered, Eye of the Beast Aelf - the Valorous One, in which we make the acquaintance of Aelf, the knight mentioned by Adam's father during their tête-à-tête in the Study, who will be a valuable guide and confidante from now on. He will kindly provide us with 3 VialRed Red Potions, a valuable gift considering the oncoming attack of numerous (respawning) Skeleton Skeletons.

As we make haste to leave this place through the double-winged door, we again notice the sound of a beating heart. Our return back to the Study is further exacerbated by a task force of 2 major Yielders and 2 minor Yielders. Once we reach the collapsed entry to the Mausoleum, we find another small aperture to insert the Shrive into, allowing us to leave this dire place behind. Opening the bookcase, we're finally back in the rare safety of the Study and make the acquaintance of Rebecca Trevisard. If you wish to follow this walkthrough chronologically, please click on the following icon to continue reading about our further exploration of the Mansion in search for a portal to the Tower.


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  1. Hint courtesy of Disthron
  2. Some of the used textures for this room, extracted from the DEMO.DAS folder with the help of the XWE Editor, imply its function as a make-shift study for Florentine: PSTUDY1.priestly s flor.bmp and PSTUDY2.floor of p study.bmp
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  7. Adam: Torch. Wonder who put that there?
    Rebecca: There's power coming from the torch Adam. The flame's magical. It might have been lit for years.

  8. Adam: Incense burner.
    Rebecca: Persian judging by the design.

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