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Mark Bedford
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Video Game Artist
Make-Up Artist
Prop Designer
Live Video Effects

Mark Bedford is a British video game artist, known for his work on the 1996 Realms of the Haunting video game, where he is credited for creating the live video and make-up effects as well as modelling the acting props. Peter Ives was his assitant on the live video effects, while Nik Hull aided him with the make-up effects.
Additionally, as we learn from the PC Format #65 feature on the game, Mark also played the role of the Taxi Driver who drove Adam to the Mansion, as seen in the Eye of the Beast.png introduction movie:

Mark Bedford: We actually did some live action filming at the Coventry Museum of British Road Transport. The taxi-cab scene at the start of the game was filmed in a real cab. It was the oldest taxi in England... and what's more I was the driver.

Additionally, he, along with (presumably) his brother Lee Bedford, took on the role of two of the Undead that occasionally appear as Belial's minions.

Apart from his involvement in Realms of the Haunting, Mark has been mostly active as a model designer for the Forge World studio, known for the Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy franchises, as I learned from the blog postings of Loken and Marshall_Loss.

According to the defunct Forge World webspace, "Mark has been working for Games Workshop for over 15 years, [....], from the Design Studio and Fanatic to his current position within Forge World as a Senior Model Designer and Supervisor to the Warhammer Forge Design Team. A self-taught sculptor, Mark has made miniatures for most of the Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer ranges. Amongst his favourites are Warhammer Orcs & Goblins, 40k Orks, Chaos, Imperial Guard and Space Marines. He has made such miniatures as Mek Boss Buzzgob, Ork Warboss on Bike, Chaos Renegades, Renegade Ogryns, Tamurkhan on Toad Dragon and Space Marine Apothecaries. Mark has been a key figure in the design of the Horus Heresy Mechanicum range with the Myrmidons and Magos Dominus being prime examples of his work."[1]