On this page we shall have a closer look at the various forms of Magic appearing in the game. Often defying our efforts to make sense and draw some rational clarity from our surroundings, we bear witness to many wondrous happenings and come across various occult and magically imbued artefacts, that in some cases aid us in our often dreadful and hazardous meanderings through the Realms of the Haunting.

Magical & Enchanted ObjectsEdit

Magical WeaponsEdit

Apart from our mundane arsenal, consisting of our humble fists, the Colt-45 Colt-45, the Shotgun Winchester M1897 Shotgun, a rusty Sword Broadsword and a Flintlock Flintlock, over the course of the game we also find a variety of magically-charged weapons:

Staff Creator's Staff
FlorentineStaff Florentine's Staff
AelfsDagger Aelf's Dagger
BelialWand Belial's Wand
DragonSword Sword of the Dragon

Opticals of True SightEdit


According to Rebecca, this eccentric pair of spectacles, found inside Raysiel's Tower, is imbued with a sight-related form of magic, used for spotting trip wires, specifically the initially hidden security beams in the Library Room.

Adam: Pair of spectacles.
Rebecca: There's magic woven into them. Something to do with sight.

Silver ArmletEdit


This wondrous Silver Armlet is covered with magical runes that are connected to sound, specifically to the lack thereof, and which is used for silently moving across the previously-mentioned Nightingale Floor in Raysiel's Tower.

Rebecca's PendantEdit


Rebecca carries an ornate Amulet around her neck, whose design is reminiscent of the Egyptian Eye of Horus and which is inlayed with a green jewel, probably a fragment of the Soulstone and responsible for the magical qualities of the pendant. By touching the necklace, Rebecca is able to both bear witness to and telegraph external events to other people.


BRIER1.brier in sarco

Once we've made Rebecca's acquaintance in the Study, we can choose to return to the Mausoleum together with her. Investigating the torches (or briers, as their corresponding sprite is called), she will comment on their inherent magical quality.

Adam: Torch. Wonder who put that there?
Rebecca: There's power coming from the torch Adam. The flame's magical. It might have been lit for years.

Nota bene: Considering that my native language isn't English, I was wondering why the developers would choose to call the torch sprite "brier"?



According to Rebecca's estimation, the great chained gate in one of the Mansion's courtyards has been magically reinforced.

Adam: Chained shut. What a surprise.
Rebecca: They're enchanted. Extra strength.


Beholding the Fountain on the upper floor in Arqua, Rebecca can attest a certain magical quality to the water. Infact, by filling the Chalices and splashing the water at the curtains of light, we're able to enter the four elemental rooms. Morever, by solving the riddle in Arqua, Tishtrya, the Iranian god of all water, will materialize from the fountain, probably constituting the source of its great magical power.

Rebecca: I couldn't at first, but the more I concentrate, the more Power seems to channel itself from the water through me.
Adam: Yeah. I can feel it. It's almost as if the water's alive.


During our tête-à-tête with Claude Florentine in the Mausoleum, the sorceror demands we hand him the Shriveb Shrive. Our refusing recusancy is retaliated by his demonstration of an act of necromancy. Apparently in conjunction with his walking stick, the head's cane fittingly features a small skull, he summons three Skeleton Skeletons from the bone-scattered grounds.
Eye of the Beast Florentine - the Summoning


Psychokinesis (from Greek ψυχή "mind" + κίνησις "movement") is one of the concepts that we can talk to Rebecca about when we first make her acquaintance in the Mansion's Study, after successfully manoeuvring through the inhospitable grounds of the Mausoleum.

Rebecca: Psychokinesis - PK - is the direct influence of a mind on a physical system without the mediation of any known physical energy.

In the second half of the game, Adam is incarcerated in Belial's Prison. Unbeknowst to us, Rebecca somehow manages to unlock the cell by exercising some sort of psychokinetic practice on it.
Eye of the Beast Belial - Escape


By touching the RebeccaPendant2 Pendant that she is usually wearing around her neck, Rebecca is able to bear witness to and telegraph external events to other people:

  • In the Eye of the Beast Cutscene which displays Adam's and Rebecca's first meeting after his return from the Mausoleum, we see her looking at the pendant.
  • Additionally, when talking about Gaul, Rebecca comments how Adam had a vision of him when sitting on the throne and receiving the brands in the Mausoleum.
  • When Gaul seals the main entrance of the house and leaves the Ace of Spades card on the ground while Rebecca and Adam are inside the Armoury, she grabs Adam's hand which allows him to see what she experiences mentally.
  • Similarly, this procedure allows them to make contact with Hawk, first inside the crypt leading to the Caverns, and secondly inside the Chamber beyond the Sarcophagus where he is being held prisoner.
  • When Adam returns from his tête-à-tête with the Gnarl, Rebecca informs him that she was able to witness the whole conversation through the green dome that serves as the teleporter between the Mansion and the Gnarl's Domain.

Fire GlyphsEdit


On the floor of the Temple of the Morning Star, there are various fire glyphs that keep the flames going. Interestingly, this magical feature can also be found in one of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower.

Adam: There's some sort of symbol in there.
Rebecca: Probably a fire glyph - to keep the flames going.


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