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Kim Durham (*1947 in Surrey, England, United Kingdom)[1] is a British theatre and film actor who has been active since 1976. In Realms of the Haunting, Kim portrays the character Gaul.

Kim grew up in Surrey[2], a county in the South East of England. His acting career began with his engagement at the Incubus Theatre Company, based at the Oval House in London, where he toured in the back of a van, attending various small venues across the UK and mainland Europe. Additionally, he has worked at the Gate Theatre and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, even appearing on stages as far back as India and Australia.[3]

In the long-term BBC Radio 4 programme The Archers, he spoke the role of Matt Crawford, and has been involved in a lot of other radio productions. It is somewhat interesting to note, with reference to his his character Gaul on Realms of the Haunting, that Matt Crawford has a penchant for card games and dislikes fair play.[4]

When Kim was starting out, the BBC would hold regular radio auditions that any actor could apply for and he was lucky enough to pick up some work from one of those. Apart from that, Kim has served as a teacher and trainer for aspiring actresses and actors at various drama schools across the UK, such as Birmingham[5], with occasional TV appearances in The Bill, Morse and EastEnders.

As a subtle connection to his appearance as Gaul in the 1996 video game Realms of the Haunting, Kim has been involved in the writing and production of corporate video games for Intel, Microsoft, Pilkington Glass and West Mercia Police.[6]

He has a daughter, Gem, who is also persuing an acting career and has taken guest leads in Dangerfield and the above-mentioned, long-running The Bill series.

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