Key of Tears

The Key of Tears is an important item, used to free Hawk and obtained by solving Raysiel's riddles in Raquia.

The design of the Key coincides with the description found in one of the Parchment2-2 parchments that we picked up in Florentine's Library about the appearance of Raysiel, stating that "skeletal bat-like wings [protrude] from his temples". Additionally, we find the symbols of SHEOLW1.ward for sheol Sheol and RAQUIAW1.ward for raquia Raquia affixed to the stem of the Key.


By placing the ColouredGem Rainbow Gem into the indentation on the floor in the main hall of the Room of Riddles, we activate a platform allowing us to continue our journey across a shimmering walkway into a room, characterised by a humming sound and violet colour scheme (purple being the colour usually associated with spirituality, potentially an allusion to Raquia being the Realm of Spirit). It's filled with several glowing orbs floating in the air which will explode on touch, hence we have to exercise extreme caution when navigating across the room, our object of desire being the GemAmethyst Amethyst Gem (used for completing the Spirit Ring) stashed in one of the corners. As Adam and Rebecca notice, the gem emanates a great power, as if it's calling to us, specifically to the incomplete Spirit Ring in our inventory. After picking up the gem, a disembodied voice will inquire us to complete the ring. The act of completion will be acoustically accompanied by a short, monastic sort of chant, prompting the glowing orbs to rise and explode after a while. Proceeding through the golden door, we stand on the pedestal in front of us and put on the complete SpiritRing Spirit Ring. This will trigger a cutscene in which Raysiel informs us that we have successfully completed the trials and rewards us with the Key of Tears:
Eye of the Beast Raysiel - The Key of Tears
Premature game ending: if we put on the ring before entering through the golden door, we will be imprisoned by Raysiel:
Eye of the Beast Raysiel - Prisoners

Returning back to Hawk's Prison, lying beyond the Sarcophagus in the Mansion's Study, we witness a first-hand demonstration of the unlocking process and also get a clearer look at the prop design, as Adam inserts the Key of Tears into its designated lock, subsequently freeing Hawk from his imprisonment:
Eye of the Beast Hawk - Restoration


Adam: The Key of Tears. Rather a work of art wouldn't you say?
Rebecca: And then some.

Adam: When we located the Key of Tears, didn't Raysiel say that Hawk could never again be interned by his power?
Rebecca: Correct. If things get out of hand, maybe we could find a way to capture Gaul in the same manner.
Adam: Let's not get too ambitious Rebecca.



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