Keith Dando
Keith Dando
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Keith Dando is a British screenwriter, filmmaker, and senior lecturer at the Northern Film School in Leeds.[1]
Around the time of developing Realms of the Haunting, he was a production manager at Bright Light Studios, responsible for the Full Motion Video content of the game. Additionally, he has been involved in video games such as Judge Dredd and Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000.

After that, he undertook the MA at the Northern Film School in Leeds, his productions being shown by Yorkshire TV and in film festivals. He proceeded to work freelance on projects for Channel 4, the BBC and several independent production companies. Eventually, he acquired a teaching post at the Northern Film School.[2]

Apart from his lecturing, Keith has mainly focused on screenwriting with his co-writer Leone Annabelle Betts, having realized several projects that have reached the finals of festivals and contests such as Zoetrope, Final Draft Big Break, Screamfest and Screenwriting Goldmine.[3]


Some of the textures, which we can extract with the help of the XWE editor, bear his name in the title:

  • BRAIN1.Keith's brain.bmp: the texture for the Brains in Sheol, apparently as an impish allusion to Keith
  • of horrid keith's things.bmp: the ornate tree door in the basement of Charles Randall's Vicarage
  • SILVKEY2.Keith's silver door opener.bmp: texture for a Silver Key




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