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(FranceFlag) Philippe Smolikowski
(ItalyFlag) Angelo Cola
(SpainFlag)Enrique Suárez

Hawk (first referred to as 'the voice in the tunnels') is, like most of the characters that Adam and Rebecca encounter throughout their journey, a product of the Soulstone. He describes himself as a vessel born of time to become a Host for the Power of Light, and emphasizes that, thus, he is the complete antithesis of Gaul - the Host in spe for the Power of Darkness.


Hawk is seen for the first time when Adam sits on the throne inside the Mausoleum and receives the marks. During the course of this procedure, he has a vision of Hawk and Gaul.

The second time that Hawk attempts to contact Adam occurs in the cryptic tunnels preceding the Caverns where solely his voice can be heard.

After that he speaks to Adam and Rebecca inside the brooding lava hall beyond the Study sarcophagus, harbouring the angel mosaic by dint of which he is kept imprisoned. In this seething place, Hawk asks them to acquire the Key of Tears - the one device to free him. According to the timeline that was revealed in issue 65 of PC Format magazine, Hawk sought out the Temple of the Morning Star back in the year 1912, where he was caught by Belial and "bound in chains through the neutral power called Raysiel by Florentine's will."[2]

Once Adam and Rebecca have successfully accomplished the task of procuring the desired Key of Tears in the delusory realm of Raquia, they make the acquaintance of Hawk's physical form for the first time.

After their lengthy conversation succeeding Hawk's liberation from his otherworldly jail, Hawk and Adam meet again on the hallowed grounds of the Gates of Sheol, where Hawk is seen decapitating one of Belial's minions, the Undead that keep transpiring and defiling the passage.

Finally, Hawk joins Gaul and Florentine for the ultimate gathering inside the Chamber of the Soulstone, where the destiny of all of mankind will be decided by Adam's actions.


In ancient Egypt, the hawk was a symbol associated with the sun and especially sacred to Horus, Ra, Osiris, and Seker. Horus and Ra were often depicted as hawk-headed, both being solar deities. The hawk also depicted one of the parts of the human constitution, the human soul. For more information on hawks in mythology and folklore, go here.



Aggregation of all dialogues from the extensive conversation succeeding Hawk's liberation.

Discussing the Voice in the Tunnels

Adam: That voice in the tunnels.
Rebecca: The voice?
Adam: He said something about a Chamber or something. As some kind of guardian wasn't it?
Rebecca: I believe so. Sent to Ward over some Holy Place.

Adam: The spirit of my father is held here somewhere. How can I free his soul from torment?
Hawk: The answer to that question is simple. The Balance, the power of the Soulstone must be redressed. The solution is, however a difficult task. The fate of your father, and that of mankind, is a shared one.

Adam: Hawk, who is Aelf? He has offered us much help since we arrived.
Hawk: Aelf is only one of his names. He is a product of the Soulstone. The force controlling the Universe. Metaphorically speaking, if the Soulstone is the lock, then Aelf's sword is the key. It is part of the Shrive. Events and certain prophecies have been falsified; that is why Aelf is here, to put the fate of mankind's future back on course.

Rebecca: What about the Falshire Knights? He said he was the last of their Order.
Hawk: Indeed he is. The very last in the most noble line of avatars to swear their soul to the light on the day of Creation and defend the Soulstone from the very evil we face. The Order finally fell to an Army of Darkness, led by a young mortal called Florentine, and the Demon of Lies. Belial.

Adam: Belial ...
Hawk: Belial is one of the great Lords of Hell. In many earthly texts he has even been confused with the power of Satan. His name literally means 'Liar'. He is Florentine's shade. His 'Doppelganger', if you like. Conceived from the Soulstone, and born from the evil within Florentine's soul.

Adam: Florentine? What about his part in all of this?
Hawk: His role is to see that the power of Satan is manifested physically into the new Host, my antithesis. Florentine lost his soul long ago, in return for his assistance with the destruction of the Seven Seals that guard the Soulstone. He did it to deliver the world into the hands of Satan. He has robbed, murdered and tortured for most of the last millenium. He is a mortal for as long as Belial lives within this world.
Adam: So that son-of-a-bitch and Belial are working together?
Hawk: Not any longer. They may have the same goal, but they are now enemies; vying for the attentions of their Dark Master. Both hope to be Satan's guide if he ever returns in the new Host.
Adam: New Host?
Hawk: The Host of all Evil, Gaul.

Adam: What can you tell us about Gaul?
Hawk: Gaul and I are products of the Soulstone. As his body is prepared as the host for the Force of Darkness, so is mine for the Power of Light.
Rebecca: We have seen Gaul. He took a small green crystal from an altar-stone.
Hawk (holding a shard of green crystal): Like this?
Rebecca: Yes, exactly!
Hawk: It is a shard of the Soulstone. One of many broken and lost throughout time and reality. The only substance that grants entry from the Tower into the Realm of Sheol, the infernal place that guards the area where the Soulstone lies.
Rebecca: If we are to redress the Balance, we should find one?
Hawk: Two. One each for travelling to the Realm of Sheol.

Adam: Who are you, Hawk? What are you?
Hawk: A product of the Soulstone. A vessel born of time, to become a Host for the Power of Light. The complete antithesis of Gaul.
Adam: So you and Gaul are enemies, right?
Hawk: We are of the same substance, but conceived to be enemies.

Adam: Within the Tower we have met a man who calls himself Raphael.

Hawk: Place in him the same trust you place in Aelf, for it can be said that they are of the same blood.
Rebecca: I noticed some resemblance. Are you saying that they related?
Hawk: Related, no. Of the same blood, yes.

Adam: We have our own ideas, but for the record, what part does the Temple of the Morning Star play in all this?
Hawk: The Temple is a thing of man, born of Florentine. Its purpose is to see the power of light thrown down, the force of evil walk the earth.

Adam: We've heard of Sheol, it sounds like a dangerous place.
Hawk: Some call it Hell, or 'Gehenna', the seven terrible layers of fire and darkness. Sheol is only the topmost layer of Hell, the lowest being the Pit. It is within the place you call Sheol that the Soulstone lies.

Adam: Hawk, what do you know of Arqua?
Hawk: Arqua; the Realm of Divinity. Therein lies the Garden of Paradise, many are the wonders to be found there, the greatest of all being the Tree of Understanding.
Adam & Rebecca (simultaneously): The Tree of ...?
Hawk: Your ancestral mother and father ate of it and unto them was given the power to see both Good and Evil; the power of choice.

Adam: Raphael told us of the Tower; can you tell us anything more substantial?
Hawk: It is his place. I cannot tell you more than he.

Adam (showing the shards): Hawk, what are these? They were given to me by Florentine, he was disguised as a Priest, but there's something in them, some sort of power, I think.
Hawk: Adam, these are the broken seals of the Soulstone. You have within your hands six of the seven Seals that bind the Universe together. When the last is broken, the world will be plunged into darkness. If this happens Gaul will become host to the Power of all Darkness and all mankind will be doomed.

Adam: The Shrive, seems to be a pivotal point to everything.
Hawk: It is the part of the Sword Eternal [sic], that was taken from the Soulstone by Florentine. Tell me Adam, have you some sort of mark upon you? Some sort of device similar to the Shrive?
Adam (showing his branded hands): You mean these damned things?
Hawk: You are the one.
Adam: The one what?
Hawk: The one to take up the Sword Eternal.
Adam: I thought you might say something like that.

Adam: Can you tell us more about the Soulstone?
Hawk: The Soulstone is the neutrality of the Universe, the channel from man's thoughts, from which all that is good and evil is filtered. Sometimes thoughts can be so vile and evil, that a minion is created as an embodiment of that mind.


  1. Upon encountering Abaddon in front of the Gates of Sheol, Adam and Rebecca inquire if anyone entered through the gate recently. Abaddon says, that three have passed him whose signatures were 'hope' (Hawk), 'abandon' (Gaul), and 'lie' (Belial).
  2. PC Format #65 Timeline
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