Chapter XV:
Where the Dead Lie
1YWK Yielders (major)
Shadow Shadows

The Graveyard is a location situated on the backside of the Mansion and accessible after escaping the cell in Belial's Prison. It's a spacious and dark area, with numerous gravestones strewn about. It is mentioned in Florentine's Journal, in which the tower gate in the Graveyard Maze is referred to as the shortest route to the Sheol mantle, and subsequently the Chamber of the Soulstone. The Map-GraveyardMaze Map of the Graveyard Maze can be found in FJ3Location one of the cells in Belial's Prison.


  • Shortcut hint courtesy of Disthron's playthrough: Next to the spot where all three parts of Florentine's Journal have to be burnt there's a door to a small tunnel. Proceed through that passage until Chapter XVI: The Gate has been initiated. Then you can use the Egyptian Masks and will be instantly taken to the Tower, which will relieve you of the stress of having to fight against a multitude of Shadows and Yielders, as well as the subsequent journey through the Graveyard Maze.
  • Additionally, there's a secret entrance to the maze, alleviating navigation to the central tower gate. From the main entrance follow the left side of the maze until you happen upon an opening which is not marked on the map. Please refer to the Image Map of the Graveyard Maze, on which I've marked the location of the secret entrance.


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