Chapter III: Keeper of Time
Gnarl's Domain
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The Gnarl is the Keeper of Time who will grant Adam the two Egyptian Masks which constitute the devices of passage to enter the Tower, provided he passes his test of trusting in time. He can be found by using a shard of green crystal on the green dome which is located in a small room to the right side of the staircase leading up to the Study.

This entity has been known by many names throughout time, only to Adam is he known as the Gnarl.

The Gnarl is also mentioned by the voice that we hear when taking the Rune Guide:

You inside. The one who is named Adam. There is no place to run. Come without. Come now. So be it! We shall come to you, one called Adam. Prepare your soul. Now the masks will be mine. The Gnarl has been distant for too long. Prepare to die.

Cutscenes Edit

Eye of the Beast Keeper of Time
Eye of the Beast Enemies
Eye of the Beast The Crystal
Eye of the Beast The Test
Eye of the Beast Clues
Eye of the Beast Gifts
Eye of the Beast Failing the Test
Eye of the Beast Rebecca's Visions
Eye of the Beast The Prize

Dialogue Edit

Aggregation of all pieces of speech and dialogue related to the Gnarl.

Discussing the Gnarl with RebeccaEdit

Adam: Strange individual. I wonder who the Gnarl really is.
Rebecca: He said he was known by many names through time. Only to you was he known as the Gnarl.
Adam: A different name for everyone. Might explain that bad temper.

Discussing the Gnarl's functionEdit

Adam: What do you think the Gnarl's role is in all of this, Rebecca?
Rebecca: Unsure, except that he might be some sort of... power of neutrality.

Reflecting on the GnarlEdit

Adam: The Gnarl gave me two masks... for the Tower. Keys to time and reality he said. Time was the traveler - he was the constant. Truth, fiction or just a crock of shit?

Adam's conversation with the GnarlEdit

Gnarl: The sands of Time recognize your spirit.
Adam: What does that mean?
Gnarl: There is no one here, but you and I.
Adam: And who the hell are you?
Gnarl: I am known by many names throughout Time. To you, I am known as the Gnarl.
Adam: The Gnarl? What kind of name is that?
Gnarl: starts to moan in frustration
Adam: All right, so you are known by many names through Time. What are you? Some kind of time traveler?
Gnarl: No, I am constant. It is Time that is the traveler here. I exist at all points in all realities. Trust in Time. Tell me why you have come here.
Adam: Your guess is as good as mine.
Gnarl: For a key to Time and Reality, isn't that what you seek?
Adam: A key to Time and Reality?
Gnarl: A device which allows the very fabric of the Universe to bend to your wishes. a device that will take you to other worlds. To the Tower itself boy, to the Tower.
Adam: Hey relax! What Tower?
Gnarl: The place between and beyond. The Tower connects all Worlds together.

Do you know my future?Edit

Adam: Look, if you are who you say, then maybe you can tell me something about my situation. Like, who are my enemies?
Gnarl: It is forbidden to speak of Time.

How do I get back?Edit

Adam: Well, how do I get back to my own world?
Gnarl: Place the crstal back upon the dome. Yes, that crystal.

Give me a key.Edit

Adam: I might have good need of one of those keys. Is there a catch?
Gnarl: There is always a catch, Linear [sic] mortal. For I to give you a key, you must pass a small test. Are you ready? I have already given you a clue.

Err, hang on a minute.Edit

Adam: Can you tell me anything about this test? I hate tu rush into something I might regret. Is it dangerous?
Gnarl: Nothing can be told other than what has already been told. Do you still wish the test?

I really don't trust you so no!Edit

Adam: Well I am still unsure, maybe... maybe, you could...
Gnarl: Then you have failed already.

—Adam will be returned to the House at this point and will have to acquire another shard of green crystal from the fireplace.

Returning to Rebecca, after having failed the Gnarl's testEdit

Adam: You'll never believe what just happened.
Rebecca: I saw the whole thing through the dome.
Adam: The crystal's gone, Rebecca. We might have to go back and talk to the Gnarl a second time.
Rebecca: We'll just have to chance our luck for another crystal. Maybe those cold flames hold more than one secret.

Answering: Yes, I'm ready.Edit

Gnarl: Done. I tire of triviality. I told you to trust in Time, and you have. Take two masks from the balcony.

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