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Florentine's Staff is a magical weapon belonging to Claude Florentine which Adam and Rebecca find it in his ancient bedchamber in the Cottage. It's a rather ornate walking stick with an impressive green jewel and gold worked into the head-piece, reminding Adam of the necklace he saw around his father's neck. Unlike the other weapons in the game which are somehow rechargable, the power in this staff is limited though and cannot be recharged once all of its magic has been used. Its main appeal lies in its fatality against the final boss of the game, the Dodger, requiring a mere two shots to defeat the creature.

During Adam's ultimate encounter with Belial on the Island of Threads, Belial carries a similar staff which he probably uses as a device of teleportation between various places. If we're in possession of the Power of Dominion scroll, protecting us from his illusions, Belial also uses it as a weapon against us, as he couldn't steal Eternity away from us.

An interesting feature of the staff is that it can be used as a device to travel between various parts in the Mansion. When discussing the item with Rebecca, she actually muses that its magical property may be related to movement. Using it on the left side of the Sarcophagus in the Study, will get us teleported back to the Observatory. Using the Staff on the right side of the Sarcophagus, will conveniently send us back to to the Mausoleum where we met Aelf for the first time (a useful shortcut in case we forgot to pick up the Serpent Serpent Statuette that's hidden in one of the alcoves).

In the German edition of the game, Rebecca says that the staff is used by tapping it on the floor.

Rebecca: Er scheint irgendwie aufgeladen zu sein. Seine Einsatzmöglichkeiten sind allerdings begrenzt, könnte was mit Bewegung zu tun haben. Wenn du ihn benutzen willst, klopf' damit auf den Boden. Das scheint ihn zu aktivieren. Aber überleg' dir gut, wann du ihn benutzt, er hat nämlich nur noch wenig Energie. Ich schätze, er wird nur noch einmal funktionieren.
Translation: It seems to be charged somehow. Its fields of application seem to be limited though, could be something related to movement. If you want to use it, tap it on the floor. That seems to activate it. But be deliberate about using it, there's little power left. I guess it will only work one more time.


Adam: Look at the workmanship in this. The jewel in the head-piece. It looks like the one that my father had around his neck. Could it be magical?
Rebecca: It seems to be charged in some way. It has limited use, something to do with movement I think.

Adam: Teleported us to the Study.
Rebecca: [Its] power's depleted.

Adam: The staff. I take it [its] power's depleted.
Rebecca: Afraid so Adam. I can't sense any magic coming from it now. Still, we might get some home-runs with it though.


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