Locations in Heled

Florentine's Library
Chapter IX
By the Seven Be Bound
Device of Passage
LibraryStatuette Quartz Idol
Library Guard
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Listen
Map-TowerComplete Map of Tower (complete)
Parchment1 3 Parchments
QuillInk2 Quill & Ink
VialGreen 1 Vial
1YWK 3 Yielders (major)

The Library of Claude Florentine is a room that becomes accessible after having acquired the small LibraryStatuette Quartz Idol from inside the room with the occult floor painting. The Library is protected by a security spirit, a disembodied Guard inquiring a code.

As the library code is unbeknownst to us, we're immediately attacked by a trio of 1YWK major Yielders, one inside the actual room and two more outside in the stony corridor preceeding the Library. Defeating them allows us to become familiar with our surroundings and we find that the room is largely unremarkable, as the bookshelves are almost entirely relieved of their contents. There's a smoke-damaged map of Europe adorning one of the walls.

In addition to 1 VialGreen Green Potion and another QuillInk2 Quill and Ink set, we gather a series of interesting documents: a Map-TowerComplete Complete Map of the Tower, a hand-written text relating somebody's journey to Raquia, Arqua and Sheol, secondly a text on Raquia and Raysiel, as well as another parchment on historical and legendary Cornwall.

According to Florentine's Journal and attested to by the smoke-damaged map on one of the walls, the Library was apparently befallen and damaged by a fire, back in the year 1783:

The Shard and Seal is broken and the fragments within my hands but the Yielders have been unsuccessful in their task. One crawled back to me through the pages of the library on fire and died. As I dowsed the flames it became clear that it was not the fire that had driven it from its task. In its mouth was a bloody white feather and about its body were deep marks that should have been made by claws but were not. They were the wounds of some blade which would have had to have been enchanted given the precision of the gashes. This is surely not the work of the Dodger. Something lurks now within the Tower and I know not what.

Leaving the Library after our exhaustive investigations, we decide to explore the door to our right, leading us to a small courtyard, filled with more of the whispering statues that we've already familiarised ourselves with during our exploration of Memory's Garden. As our attention is drawn to the tower gate placed in an alcove, a cutscene is triggered, in which Adam and Rebecca witness the, thankfully short-lived, appearance of the Dodger. Rebecca suggests a causality between the creature and the destruction of the tower gate: Eye of the Beast The Beast at the Gate

Library GuardEdit

Welcome, Master Florentine. I trust you are well. And what will it be today Sir? Unfortunately I was not able to locate the book you asked me to find. Shall I procure a cup of Darjeeling for you Sir? Some Brandy perhaps? Are you looking for anything in particular Sir? What do you intend to do with Hawk Sir? Raysiel sent another Emissary this morning. The Urges still report the intruders are within the grounds. Are there any special orders you wish for me to pass onto them? Belial was by last even Sir. The Ward held as usual. Master Florentine. Forgive me, but does something trouble you? Your reticence is unusual. The Dodger is close Master Florentine. Your scout reports antoher attempt to leave the Tower. Sir, please forgive me, but due to your lack of response your instructions require me to ask of you the library code. I'm sure you understand. Sir, please forgive me again, but further to my request, you have failed to procure the library code. Under your instructions, I must ask you one further time. Failure to reply will result in the instigation of your security measure. Failure to reply. Intruder in Library.

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