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Florentine's Journal

Throughout the progression of the game, Adam finds three leather-bound tomes whose covers are embossed with the initial of its owner, an "F", and which together constitute the Journal of Claude Florentine. Curiously, the Journal with all three books taken into account comprises entries which roughly span over 600 years, and basically deal with Florentine's efforts to break the seven Shards and Seals.

For the German translation, please refer to this page:
GermanyFlag Florentines Tagebuch.

First PartEdit

The Journal's first part is located in Florentine's Observatory and covers the years 1330 to 1521. Hidden between its pages, there's a Silver Key WardrobeKey2 which opens the small door on the bedchamber wardrobe in Florentine's Cottage and thus yields us another Serpent Statuette.

Entry, the morning of the 15th of January, 1330 ad.
The Temple of the Morning Star.

No fewer than twenty two acolytes have entered the Tower since our efforts began two weeks ago, with only one returning in the intervening time. This man - Thomas - swore that he had met with someone within the Tower who named himself the Gardener. Thomas swore to the Power that this 'Gardener' aided him in his escape only moments before the gibbering madness of the Ire fell upon him. This experience has had an adverse effect on the man. His body could be used to sate the hunger of the One Power if he proves to be of no further use to us. Goats and poultry can be expensive and sometimes ineffectual. Of the testimony of Thomas concerning the existence of this Gardener, I must say that I am sceptical. Whether what he saw was figment or truth, I cannot say but Belial reliably informs us that the last of the Gardeners perished at the Fall of the Stone. I must take his word as truth.[1]

Entry, the afternoon of the 17th of January, 1330 ad.
The Temple of the Morning Star.

Following our initial experiment it is clear to me that magical means should be employed for safety. After many long hours of reading and speculating I have located the Seal and Sigil of the Minion Gaziel, one of the lesser powers. On the last crossing to the Tower, the Power Gaziel headed my call to guide Belial and I through the labyrinth void misleading the Ire as we travelled. Eventually we happened upon the Chamber of the Soulstone within the Realm of Sheol. Our Order now stand upon the threshold of the first of the great days. The first Shard of the Stone is now prepared. We are preparing for the next crossing. The stars are aligned and the portents are favourable. For the greater cause of the Power we walk to the Tower. For the first time we walk without fear of the Ire.

Entry, the morning of the 25th of January, 1330 ad.
Temple Cottage.

All went as planned initially within the Chamber of the Soulstone but as the First Seal upon the First Shard was broken by word and Power, the very fires of Hell rose and welled in all quarters. Belial was by my side with the Sword in an instant to protect me from harm, but regretfully I passed out in the heat. When I awoke it was upon the grass verge beside the smouldering remains of the Temple. Whatever failsafes had been sprung by the breaking of the Seal had followed Belial and I as he had carried me back through the Tower to the Temple. As fortune would have it the fire did not spread to my Priestly shack by the river and so all of my most important papers still survive. What puzzles me though is how Belial managed to escape from both the fire and the Ire when fifty acolytes and Priests perished in the resulting inferno.

Entry, the morning of the 26th of January, 1330 ad.
Temple Cottage.

Have I made a terrible mistake? By taking the Sword from the Soulstone have I inadvertently set into motion a series of unstoppable events which I may be unable to halt. Is the Sword in some way connected to the Soulstone? Belial cannot touch the things at all for some reason. It burns me to the touch now, so much so that I have decided to place it in a place of safe-keep. My immediate plans for the future are unclear for the moment but through my contacts one fact is clear: the First Shard and Seal are unmade and the cause of the Temple must continue. Belial has promised me acolytes from Europe who would be willing to travel to aid in the rebuilding of the Temple. Favours owed probably - I dare not speculate.

Entry, the morning of the 29th of January, 1330 ad.
Temple Cottage.

The Sword has disappeared from the safe-place in the cottage. I immediately suspected Belial but then realised my mistake. Last even, he was as restless as a new-born pal as we sat conversing in the study. He blamed his uneasiness upon the absence of the Sword. I am beginning to believe him now. The thief will be caught, caught and dealt with, mark my words.

Entry, the evening of the 15th of March, 1330 ad.
York Library.

The Tower is as useful as is dangerous. Once this was not the case, but as I am one of the few who has travelled there and onto other Realms in the pursuit of the Order's goals and lived, I can say with all sincerity that the crossings are fraught with all kinds of hidden dangers, even with Minions to guide. The Ire is constantly present within the Tower whether distant or near. Its unnerving ability to hunt and devour those who come to its place is astounding. I refer to a manuscript that I have had sent from France concerning the travels of a Magician[2] from the last century. There is no mention of any Gardeners or of the Tower's past-carnation, the manuscript being only a fragment of a much larger body.

"At first the dark and within; I heard the fetid laughter of the souls of the Ire. It came at once upon me like a storm charged with rage and gibberous song; hypnotising and calling for sweet perdition. I ran for I knew the tales of this forgotten place. I ran and stumbled upon the cracked pave of the Tower but it was always there, here and beyond, there and always, its face looming from the shadowy depths. From whence and where did this thing come? I knew as I fell upon the cold stone, the face of death smiling down..."

Entry, the evening of the 13th of January, 1420 ad.
Temple Cottage.

I fear the fire that ravaged this place when the second Shard and Seal was broken was from the same source as seventy four years ago.[3] Damn the Light and burn it from its place. If we are to lose more acolytes and severely deplete our monetary reserves to rebuild the Temple each time this occurs, then we must postpone our endeavours for awhile until the problem can be solved. Belial, again saving my life in the fire, has whispered to me of an otherworldly device that may aid the Order, but its location and power is shielded from him. We are therefore currently making the necessary plans to travel to Plymouth and there pay for passage on some merchant ship to Israel. The threat from our old Templar Order there does not bother me so much now that its existence is speculative. If we make Israel in good time I hope for us to meet there with the Minions Gaziel, Fécor and Anarazel and bargain with them for their aid in our search. They are adept in seeking out the impossible and locating what is hidden. Hopefully our little setbacks will be solved for good. We make the journey south on the morrow.

Entry, the evening of the 7th of November, 1490 ad.
Merchant ship Osprey bound for England.

We are currently sailing off the southern point of Bornholm in the Baltic and if favourable winds prevail we will dock at Southampton on the 14th of this month. Our trek through Europe has not only proven successful in respect to the fires, but also we have been able to recruit to our Order new members, some of them distinguished and rich. They have instructions as to where to meet with us in England in the new year. I look forward to their arrival.

While in Madrid I took the opportunity to call in an old friend who was able to disclose secrets of the Tower from an old manuscript he had saved from the library before the Inquisition[4] could impose themselves. As I sit here in this salt stinking cabin I cannot help but wonder on what Thomas had said to me so long ago given what the scroll discloses.

Entry, 19th of June, 1521 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

The great Power of the Shards has appeared to us. Thankfully, though Abaddon's reasons are his own, he has divulged the secrets of the Shards and Seals within the Chamber of the Soulstone. It is holding something back, I know it. I have confidence in this Power yet. Something disturbs Belial, though again he is reticent. No matter how much I think that I know him I am forever abated in my belief by his petty shows of secrecy. Speaking unto him, we have agreed that it may be for the best at this time if the two do not cross paths. Belial is more than convinced of this.
Of the Tower, Abaddon has revealed much. The name Raysiel has appeared in our conversation much and this Power appears to have place and dominion within the spiritual realm of Raquia for some reason. Abaddon has informed us that Raysiel is a neutral Power like himself with the Agency of imprisonment and freedom over those that transgress certain laws.
I must speak with this Power called Raysiel at some future point but a device for passage into Raquia - his realm - is beyond my sight. Abaddon will disclose sites and locations of these and all other devices but I feel the cost of bargaining will be high. I fear I must agree to its terms all the same. The Egyptian mask and other devices I now keep secure from the others. With this act I can be sure that only I may tread the paths of the Tower unless permission is asked personally by others.

Second PartEdit

Florentine's second journal is located in the room left of the entrance in the Vicarage of Charles Randall. It contains a Key BellRoomKey which opens the door to the Belfry of St. Michael's. The book covers the years 1673 to 1895.

Entry 18th October, 1673 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

Although all new converts from the recent London meet[5] are still among our number, I shudder to think what has befallen Jean-Claude of Lyon, David of Leicester and Paul of Durham. Whatever their fate it must be connected to the disappearance of the Dodger into the Tower. Without guidance and the correct medicince, the Servitor could spell trouble. I am currently collecting together the names of all the few who will be 'volunteering' to don Gate devices to track the thing down.[6]

I dreamt last night of the Sword. Methinks it bears more significance than I originally thought. Certainly, Belial knows more than he is letting on.

Entry 31st of October, 1673 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

Of the six acolytes I sent into the Tower to hunt the Dodger three days ago, none have returned. Vine promptly disappeared into the Tower and returned withdrawn with two bodies and their respective travelling devices. He has not been the same since. Even Belial cannot understand this change in temprement. Whatever the Dodger has become and how this has occured remains a mystery, even to Vine.
My dreams of the Sword continue. I feel myself lost in thought on the subject.

Entry, 1st of October 1783 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

Tomorrow we break the Fifth Shard and Seal within the Chamber of the Soulstone. The crossing of the Tower will be harder than ever; it seems the Dodger is somehow controlling the Ire. The two combined have become troublesome of late and I fear lives will be lost and blood will be spilt before the ceremony is performed. As a result I have deliberated not to inform the Temple.
One more thing. I have discovered that upon each 'travelling' that someone or something travels the Tower. At one of the Tower gates only yesterday I discovered one single white feather. Curious!
The Dodger. I have decided with Belial's and Vine's consultation to create a small handful of Yielders to once and for all rid us of this accursed beast.
My dreams of the Sword have remained. Last even, I dreamt of a place - a castle of - a spirit place - where it lay guarded from me. Despite my dream efforts, the Sword remained unattainable.

Entry, 2nd of October 1783 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

The Shard and Seal is broken and the fragments within my hands but the Yielders have been unsuccessful in their task. One crawled back to me through the pages of the library on fire and died. As I dowsed the flames it became clear that it was not the fire that had driven it from its task. In its mouth was a bloody white feather and about its body were deep marks that should have been made by claws but were not. They were the wounds of some blade which would have had to have been enchanted given the precision of the gashes. This is surely not the work of the Dodger. Something lurks now within the Tower and I know not what.
Last night in my dreams I touched the Sword and immediately found myself at the Soulstone. Abaddon was there. Quite unexpectedly he told me that someone would come; someone who would take his place as Keeper of the Seals. And another, born from the Tree of Life - someone who wield the Sword for me in the last Ceremony - that or destroy utterly our efforts.
I have placed a single Urge upon each Gate within the Void with instructions to report any sighting within that place. The two feathers I now keep in a safe box.

April 15 1895.
Temple of the Morning Star.

Three days ago I witnessed an uncharacteristic trait in Belial. When I informed him of the deaths of the Urges and the Yielders he took off in blind anger from his place in the library and promptly accessed the Tower. He returned at the stroke of midnight tattered and bloodied only to disappear yet again, this time into the night without a word. He returned three nights later, - this evening - creeping silently into the study where I sat awaiting him. He told me that he had failed me and when I inquired of him of the events of the 12th he raged and paced the room muttering incemprehensible words, thumping his fists repeatedly upon walls 'till the place literally shook at his touch. Calming himself, Belial levelled a look of despair and informed me that the Gardeners had in fact returned to their precious Tower despite his promise that they had all perished at the Fall of the Stone. They were responsible for the deaths. As I write, I know that I must travel the ways, but this time the Tower will not be so free to allow access. I am therefore preparing to contact my allies.

Entry, 18th of April, 1895 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star

We are preparing for the assault on the Tower. With me will come Belial, Vine, my two head Priests and a Disciplined group of twenty four Dodgers, each of us mind-controlling six of them. That should be enough to get us through to the Chamber of the Soulstone. We will embark through the Tower Gate in the maze in the Graveyard as it seems the shortest route to the Sheol Mantle.
Disaster has befallen us. As we walked back along the Tower we were met at the Tower Gate by the Ire. Leading the cloud was the Dodger we lost so long ago. Its eyes gleamed fire, red and hatred and its inflated body seemed to bristle with power as it leapt from the Stone to stand before us. Belial was there in an instant wrestling with the beast so that the Ire moved from the Gate. Seizing the opportunity I commanded everyone to the Gate as explosions from the Ire rocked the very Tower itself. As the two Priests transported through the Gate Vine met with Belial and the Dodger to consume them with fire. The three became a molten fireball of burning flesh but the Dodger was too strong. Vine was thrown towards the Gate and immediately disappeared into Heled. Belial was left crawling upon the path smoking as I commanded the Dodgers under Discipline to attack. With one twist of its head the Dodger burned them all as they charged. They threw themselves from the path into the eternal blackness, disappearing finally like fire flies in the deep pit. Helping Belial to his feet I seized the opportunity and used the Gate to take us to safety. The last thing I remember was stepping into Heled as a single white feather dropped to my feet. I put it with the other two and threw the box into the hiding place.

Third PartEdit

The third part of Florentine's journal is located in one of the cells in Belial's Prison that can be accessed after Adam has been freed by Rebecca.

Entry, 3rd July, 1929 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

Damn the beast, damn it to eternal light; how can my mind have created such a creature? The bastard has destroyed the homes and the libraries of most of the Temple's most influential and affluent members. It must be the beast, it must be - it's too much of a coincidence for it to be anything else other than that damned Dodger! Perhaps I will kill it someday; it has taken away from me so much and in its place left hatred, contempt and the burning desire to destroy it anyway that I can. And I will. Mark this!
I must learn to quell my rage. It only fuels the Dodger more. The Dodger is I, and I the Dodger. We are one. I knew this when it attained substance. I must know it now.
The strange man visited my dreams again last even. This time his face was revealed to me. In some way he is - or will be - connected to the Church in the village. Could he be the one who will wield the sword in the Last Rite?

Entry, 2nd of December, 1929 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

The day of the 6th quickly approaches.
Belial - must I now reconsider my allegiance with my old friend? Is it I who owe him or is it he that must pay the debt? Without him I would not be here at all. No it cannot come to this, our goals are surely the same. What has it all come to? I rarely see my old friend these days anyway lest (?) even the chance arise that I may speak to him. Yes he has changed. And always the reticence. This I should be familiar with but it disturbs me greatly. When I do chance by him he is poured over some tome or grimoire frantically etching out arcaneries and symbols. I must not question Belial's loyalty. I must promise myself this despite what the Power believes. The years of solitude and the binding to this place must take its toll at some point.
April 18th of 1895 sticks in my mind some. That if I remember well was the day that Belial took on the Dodger and barely escaped. I had never seen him like that before nor since. Yes, that must be it. I am sure of it. The Dodger hounds both he and I. Who or what will rid us of this damned beast?
All preparations for the breaking of the Sixth Shard and Seal are almost complete. With the breaking of the Sixth, the Seventh and last will be revealed to us. The One Power grows impatient. Soon. Yes, very soon, it will be done. The wait has been long. For me, almost six hundred years, but for the Power of the Morning Star, it has been much longer.

Entry, 29th August, 1912 ad.
Temple of the Morning Star.

I have not seen Belial for three months now. Where is he? I need him for the Rite of Interception tomorrow. If all goes well I will be able to create twelve Slanderers[7] for my use around the grounds. There have been far too many people moving close to the area of late and we need a little 'protection'. The field that these creatures generate when in close proximity to each other will lead to a cloaking of the house and Temple. Hopefully the house will not appear to exist neither will there be any compulsion to walk the grounds.
Despite our efforts, the creature we captured in the Chamber of the Soulstone refuses to speak. Raysiel now has him under the Key. Belial believes him to be one of the Watchers, that legendary race of Elohim but I am unsure.
The dreams of the Sword have returned yet again. This time my love is connected with them. She was in the Chamber with a stranger and the Sword.
I could not tell who held the Sword aloft - standing as they were between the Soulstone and myself. She wore a face of anguish.

Burning the BooksEdit

After we've escaped from the cell in Belial's Prison, we'll have to burn all three books in order to proceed through the Graveyard Maze that harbours the tower gate to Sheol and subsequently the Chamber of the Soulstone.


Examining the book

Adam: I've a feeling this book holds the answer to quite a few questions.
Rebecca: No doubt. But let's go through it thoroughly and systematically OK?

Discuss the Gardeners

Adam: I wonder if the Gardener that Florentine mentions in the Journal is Raphael? Or is it one of the others? Raphael did say he was the last. That means that there must have been more at some point in the past.
Rebecca: If it is, it means he's been around as long as Florentine has.

Discuss the Gardeners further

Adam: Evidently, the Gardener that Florentine mentions in his Journal is Raphael. Anything else in the Journal to support this?
Rebecca: Florentine mentions that on return from the Tower, Belial told him that the Gardeners had returned, and that they were responsible for the deaths of the demons guarding the Gates.
Adam: It would seem that Raphael did have some friends.

Discuss the One Power

Adam: The One Power. The Journal mentions the One Power. He's talking about God?
Rebecca: The opposite. Florentine makes a reference in his Journal to the One Power when a Temple member goes mad and Florentine threatens to use him as some sort of sacrifice.
Adam: So they sacrificed their members then. Nice way to do business.

Discuss the Temple of the Morning Star

Adam: This Temple business. Anything in the Journal? Anything I've missed?
Rebecca: It seems to be some sort of religious Order. According to the Journal there were more than just acolytes working for Florentine. It mentions Powers. Dark Powers!


  1. Nota bene: In the German translation of the Journal, this entry ends with a different sentence:

    Ich muss ihm Glauben schenken, es gibt keine Beweise. Überdies muss ich mich derzeit gegen Raym behaupten.
    Translation: I must take his word as truth, there is no evidence. Furthermore I have to stand up against Raym right now.

  2. In the German translation of the Journal, he is referenced as Saint:

    Ich beziehe mich auf eine Schrift, die mir aus meiner Heimat übersandt wurde, und in der die Reisen eines Heiligen aus dem 13. Jahrhundert beschrieben werden.
    Translation: I refer to a manuscript which was delivered to me from my homeland, and which describes the travels of a saint from the 13th century.

  3. The German translation of this entry contains the following addition:

    Der Pakt bleibt dennoch bestehen. Die Hand des Elohim-Engels ist noch da.
    Translation: The pact remains after all. The hand of the Elohim angel is still there.

  4. The historical period called Inquisition lasted roughly from the beginning of the 13th century until its final dissolution at the end of the 18th century, and involved the efforts of the Roman Catholic church to trace down and convict heretics.
  5. We could speculate that Florentine is probably referring to the Grand Meeting of Magicians, held in London in the year 1666, as mentioned in the PC Format Timeline.
  6. In the German edition, this sentence specifically references the Egyptian Masks:

    Ich erstelle derzeit eine Liste mit den Namen all derjenigen, die 'freiwillig' Masken spenden, um das Ungeheuer ausfindig zu machen.
    Translation: I am currently compiling a list of those 'volunteering' to donate their Masks in order to track the beast down.

  7. According to the now defunct Gremlin website, precisely by looking at the image properties, the Slanderers which Florentine mentions actually look like this. (Courtesy of Gremlin Interactive & Unofficial RotH website (for providing the mirror)
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