Fire is a recurring motif in Realms of the Haunting and on this page we want to look at the various forms the Fire trope has been incorporated into the narrative and design of the game.

Notable FiresEdit

In his Journal, Florentine relates some devastating events during which he witnessed great fires.

January 24/25 1330Edit

As detailed in Florentine's entry of January 25 1330, the breaking of the first Seal "by word and Power" in the Chamber of the Soulstone entailed a great fire leading to the destruction of the Temple of the Morning Star:

All went as planned initially within the Chamber of the Soulstone but as the First Seal upon the First Shard was broken by word and Power, the very fires of Hell rose and welled in all quarters. Belial was by my side with the Sword in an instant to protect me from harm, but regretfully I passed out in the heat. When I awoke it was upon the grass verge beside the smouldering remains of the Temple.

January 13 1420Edit

As touched upon in the entry of January 13 1330, the Temple burns down once again when the Second Seal is broken. Florentine survives. Florentine and Belial go to Israel to find a device that will halt the fires.

I fear the fire that ravaged this place when the second Shard and Seal was broken was from the same source as seventy four years ago. Damn the Light and burn it from its place. If we are to lose more acolytes and severely deplete our monetary reserves to rebuild the Temple each time this occurs, then we must postpone our endeavours for awhile until the problem can be solved. Belial, again saving my life in the fire, has whispered to me of an otherworldly device that may aid the Order, but its location and power is shielded from him.


As mentioned in the Timeline which was published by PC Format magazine, Florentine chairs the Grand Meeting of Magicians in London. The Power of Pyrichiel is summoned causing the Great Fire of London. The fourth stone and Seal of Abaddon are broken.

October 2 1783Edit

As addressed in his entry of October 2 1783, as well as insinuated by the smoke-damaged Map of Europe on the wall, Florentine's Library in the Mansion was apparently befallen by a fire in 1783:

The Shard and Seal is broken and the fragments within my hands but the Yielders have been unsuccessful in their task. One crawled back to me through the pages of the library on fire and died. As I dowsed the flames it became clear that it was not the fire that had driven it from its task. In its mouth was a bloody white feather and about its body were deep marks that should have been made by claws but were not. They were the wounds of some blade which would have had to have been enchanted given the precision of the gashes. This is surely not the work of the Dodger. Something lurks now within the Tower and I know not what.


As mentioned in the Timeline which was published by PC Format magazine, the family of American Temple member James Jonson dies in a fire:

After unsuccessful attempts to kill the Dodger, the Power of Belial informs Florentine that the Gardeners may have returned to the Tower. American Temple member James Jonson is killed after locating an entrance to the Tower. His family perish in the fire. The Temple are attacked by the Dodger and the Ire as they try to move the Mirror.


As mentioned in the Timeline which was published by PC Format magazine, the homes of the richest members of the Temple are guttered in a series of fires. Florentine blames the Dodger.

The homes of the richest members of the Temple are guttered in a series of fires. Florentine blames the Dodger.

News CuttingsEdit


One of the News Cuttings that we find on the notice board in Adam's cell talks about a devastating fire in Gloucestershire, ravaging through the west wing of the estate of titled astronomer Sir Henry Godwin who tragically died in the events. The police suspect foul play and we could speculate that Florentine had his hands in the disaster, potentially as a cheap way of acquiring astronomical equipment for his Observatory.


Another News Cutting gives a more general report of a recent series of bizarre fires consuming various parts of Europe. According to the article, "[m]ore than twenty fires have consumed some of the most historical and valuable homes and estates in Europe in the space of two days."

Hawk's PrisonEdit


After opening the Sarcophagus in the Study and following the path towards Hawk's Prison, we come into a hall whose floor is almost entirely covered with a large clock and whose walls bear murals of knight who shield themselves against fire-breathing dragons. It's a valuable hint which prompts us to equip the DragonShield Dragon Shield before we proceed on our way, as the door that opened up after setting the clock's hands to six o'clock will shoot fire balls at us. When examining the trap beforehand, Adam will actually comment on the black colour around the dragon's mouth from which the fire balls will originate.

Fire GlyphEdit


Both inside the Temple of the Morning Star as well as in Raysiel's Tower, we happen upon an interesting piece of Magic. In these locations there are indentations on the floor which have been enchanted with fire glyphs to keep the flames going.

Mirror of SolomonEdit The Mirror of Solomon is an artefact not actually encountered in the game, but alluded to in Florentine's Journal and namechecked in the Timeline that was published by the PC Format magazine. According to these two sources, Florentine and Belial spent most of the 15th century searching for a device to halt the fires that entailed during the breaking of the second Seal and led to the destruction of the Temple of the Morning Star.



Our main objective in Arqua consists in capturing the essence of the four elements in their absolute state, by blending and combining the various items that we find in a certain manner. Fire, being one of the four elements, along with Earth, Wind and Water, can be fashioned by creating a spark with the Flint Piece of Flint and the Cylinder Steel Cylinder, enkindling the pile of combustible Tinder and placing the TinderBurning burning bundle on the designated Fire symbol by the Fountain.



Pyrichiel is the creature that Adam has to fight after having solved the puzzles in the third test of the Key to the Abyss. In the official official Interplay he is identified as a major demon and Master of Fire, his name containing the Greek prefix πυρ (pyr) which means "fire". Fittingly then, he carries a flame-thrower during our encounter in Sheol.

According to the Timeline which has been published in issue 65 of PC Format magazine, Pyrichiel was summoned by Florentine in 1666 to cause the historically documented Great Fire of London.

Perdition ShieldEdit


Defeating Pyrichiel yields us the Perdition Shield, a magical Scroll which protects us from two powerful SLFIRDOD Fire Demons roaming around the Island of Threads.

Scroll Bearer, you now possess the Magic of Perdition's Shield the Power which will protect you from purging fire.
Use it well

Fire DemonEdit


The Fire Demon or Firey Sizzling Sausage Demon[1] is a yellow creature with wings, which only appears on the Island of Threads, in case we forgot to loot Pyrichiel's dead corpse for the Perdition Shield, a magical scroll protecting us from purging fire.


Here we shall aggregate all the fire-related elements of speech, including quotations.


If we choose to engage in a battle with Pyrichiel, he will call out some fierce and fearsome lines, one of which we can identify as a quotation from John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost:

To bottomless perdition there to dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire.

Perdition's ShieldEdit

Scroll Bearer, you now possess the Magic of Perdition's Shield the Power which will protect you from purging fire. Use it well

Voices in the TowerEdit

30px-Gnome-speakernotes Daughter, come from there and see the fire in the sky.
30px-Gnome-speakernotes ... with the fires of Wrath, he shall consume...


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