Egyptian Mask

The two Masks which Adam receives from the Gnarl after affirming that he trusts in time serve as the devices of passage to enter the Tower. As they are part of the magic of the Tower, they do not exist within the place but do return to their owner's possession upon entering one of the other Realms.

As demonstrated in the cutscene Eye of the Beast Raphael - The Guide, the Masks are used by standing on a mantlestone and holding them in front of one's face, after which the wearer will somehow disintegrate and be drawn through the magical portal into the otherworldy realm beyond.


Their design appears to be inspired by the headdress of ancient Egyptian pharaos, the so-called Nemes. The well-known Mask of Tutankhamun' mummy, for instance, may have served as the direct model in creating the physical props for Realms of the Haunting, which can be seen in the Eye of the Beast cutscene when Adam successfully returns from the Gnarl. Apart from the similar gold and blue stripe design, the Egyptian Masks also feature the same Uraeus ornamentation on top of the headgear. The Uraeus (Greek οὐραῖος, ouraîos, "on its tail"; from Egyptian jʿr.t (iaret), "rearing cobra") is a stylized, up-right form of an Egyptian cobra that in ancient times, used to symbolize sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority.

The Making-of video for the game allows us a closer look at the actual prop of the Mask that was created for the cutscene with the Gnarl.


Videos & ScriptEdit

Eye of the Beast Gnarl - The Prize
Eye of the Beast Raphael - The Guide
Eye of the Beast The Making of Realms of the Haunting

Discussing the Masks with Rebecca

Adam: I wonder if we came across anything in Florentine's journal about the masks?
Rebecca: Florentine mentions using a mask to walk the Tower. He... claimes its origins are Egyptian.
Adam: The Gnarl!

Entry, 19th of June, 1521 ad. Temple of the Morning Star.

Florentine: The Egyptian mask and other devices I now keep secure from the others. With this act I can be sure that only I may tread the paths of the Tower unless permission is asked personally by others.

The voice we hear when taking the Rune Guide also mentions the Masks

You inside. The one who is named Adam. There is no place to run. Come without. Come now. So be it! We shall come to you, one called Adam. Prepare your soul. Now the masks will be mine. The Gnarl has been distant for too long. Prepare to die.

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