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The Dodger

Adam and Rebecca make the Dodger's acquaintance while walking through one of the courtyards of the house. In one of the cutscenes, the fearsome creature temporarily appears on top of a towergate, surrounded by a brooding fog, but thankfully vanishes shortly afterwards:
Eye of the Beast The Beast at the Gate

Apparently, there have been numerous Dodgers throughout history.[1] Originally, Florentine and his fellows priests had been able to mind-control them, but at some point the Dodgers' power surpassed Florentine's ability.


  • Explicitly, the word "dodger" describes a shifty and dishonest person, one who is adept at evading a responsibility, a trickster.
  • Looking at the description on the textures pertaining to the Dodger (as found in the ROTH/M/ADEMO.DAS folder of our installation), there's a file named "DODGER.jammy biscuit.BMP", leading us to speculate that the name may actually be a considerably hilarious reference to Jammie Dodgers, a popular British biscuit, made from shortbread with a raspberry flavoured jam filling.


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