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David Learner
Birth Date
23 August 1955

David Francis Somerset Learner (born 23 August 1955 in Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom)[1] is a British actor who has studied his art at the renowned, London-based RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, one of the UK's oldest drama schools, together with Alan Rickman and Trevor Eve. In the 1996 video game Realms of the Haunting, David plays the role of Belial, one of Adam's main antagonists. His ROTH fellow Mark Byron is another RADA alumni.

Apart from his video game appearance, David is probably most famous for his portrayal of Marvin the Paranoid Android in the TV show and stage adaption of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In 1980, David played Marvin at the Rainbow Theatre, following a performance at the opening of the Drum Theatre, Plymouth in 1982.

Between 1990-1992, he portrayed the character of wood elf Pickle in 47 episodes of Knightmare, a popular British television programme for children most noted for its advanced use of 'virtual reality' interactive gameplay on television. Here he worked together with Hugo Myatt whom he had already met in acting school.

In 1990, David also appeared in 38 episodes of a similar virtual reality show called The Satellite Game as the voice of the contestants avatar in the 3D virtual world, LARI (Lightly Armed Robotic Investigator) the Droid.

In the same year as his portrayal of Belial in Realms of the Haunting, David has been involved in the wikipedia: The Famous Five episode "Five Have A Wonderful Time", assuming the role of Alfredo, the Fire-Eater.

More recently, David has appeared in a documentary on the 25th anniversary of the Knightmare television series, reminiscing on his time during the show and his character Pickle the Woodelf. The documentary, featuring interviews with the crew and cast, was produced by James Aukett and has been kindly made available on YouTube by JimTheRevelator.


  • David's favourite Disney movie is "The Jungle Book".[2]
  • In his spare time, he writes music.[3]



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