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Crop Circles are a phenomenon which has posed a certain interest to those concerning themselves with the paranormal and supernatural. Austerely speaking, a crop circle is a pattern in an agriculturally cultivated space, usually on a field of wheat or other type of cereal, created by the flattening of the plants. Some people, such as those involved with fringe theory, attribute these sudden and unexpected occurences to the activity of extra-terrestrial lifeforms or other supernatural causes.

While the crop circle phenomenon gained public attention only in the 1970s and the term being coined in the late 1980s by Colin Andrews, there actually exist some accounts from the 17th century, such as the English woodcut pamphlet The Mowing-Devil: or, Strange News out of Hartfordshire from 1678, or the so-called Fairy Rings as implied by British naturalist Robert Plod in The Natural History of Staffordshire in 1686.

Realms of the Haunting contains two in-game references to the crop circle phenomenon, which we shall hereby elaborate on.



The Cabinet Room that we enter shortly after the doors of the Mansion have slammed shut behind us, contains a Typewriter along with a blue Scrapbook, wherein we find a news cutting that addresses the recent appearance of seven crop circles in Helston. According to the article, the people of Helston must have rather familiarized themselves with crop circles throughout the centuries; in fact, the phenomenon is historically documented in the real world equivalents of Helston and Cornwall.[1][2]

Current Spate of Crop Circles Baffles Experts
Paranormal experts called into uncover the source of recent crop circle formations in rural Cornwall.
On October 29th the village of Helston in deepest Cornwall awoke to find it's [sic] farming community overrun with no less than seven newly formedcrop circles. A team of self-confessed experts from Wiltshire arrived at Helston yesterday shortly after receiving an invitation from the council to initiate a psychic investigation. For many centuries now the people of Helston have held witness to this strange and fascinating phenomenon but the intensity of recent formations seems to have prompted the people into finally calling in the experts to set up a 'Crop-Watch'. Whatever the sources of the phenomena the village of Helston is currently basking in the publicity the events bring. Investigations continue.

News CuttingsEdit


One of the News Cuttings which are posted on the notice board in Adam's cell discusses the so-called Supremacists of Revelation, an African sect that claims to have revealed the truth behind the crop circles mystery, attributing their appearance to the workings of the Devil; according to the Supremacists, with each new crop formation the Devil is able to take one step closer away from his fiery home in Hell to manifesting himself on Earth:

The Supremacists of Revelation
Religious leaders of a new fundamentalist movement in Africa claim to have discovered the truth behind the mystery known as Crop Circle phenomena. They ascribe the occurrence not to bizarre and as yet undiscovered freak meteorological conditions, nor do they believe they are the result of UFOs; crop cirles, one report would have us believe, are the direct link with the Earth as a focal point for the Devil. With each successive appearance of a circle, the Religious Movement known as the Supremacists of Revelation believe that the Devil is able to take one step closer - from his fiery home - to the day when he will inevitably manifest to the world. The Western Church denies these claims to be true insisting that the Supremacists are a dangerous fundamental movement which strive to power through the unjust and irreverent interpretation of Holy Scripture. Truth or fiction, official 'Circlists' nation-wide remain unspoken on the latest theory.


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