Locations in Heled
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Belial's Prison
Chapter XV:
Where the Dead Lie
Newscuttings 6 News Cuttings
FlorentineJournal Third Journal
Colt-45Magazine 4 Magazines
ShotgunCartridge 5 Cartridges
VialRed 1 Red Vial
VialBlue 1 Blue Vial
Map-GraveyardMaze Map of the Graveyard Maze
Shadow Shadows

After having solved the riddle in Arqua and on returning back to Heled through the Tower, precisely shortly after having stepped on the Heled mantle stone, Adam and Rebecca encounter Belial and several of his minions who drag along Adam's father. As Adam attempts to attack Belial he is immediately seized and imprisoned in a cell in Belial's prison which is situated in the centre of a graveyard lying on the backside of the mansion. The graveyard itself leads off into a maze which harbours a tower gate to Sheol.

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