For a closer look at the intentional and speculative, that is potential inspirations, that fed the conceptual development and creational process of Realms of the Haunting, please refer to this page.


In this segment, we shall collect some speculative efforts in analysing and interpretating the events and symbology in Realms of the Haunting.

Prison/Mental Institution AnalogyEdit

"The house is the institution. There are many locked doors, even the front door is locked. Just like in the institution, Adam is trapped. Belial also tricks Adam once and traps him in a small cell that's like a one in an institution. Even the chair is bolted down. There are 2 doors to this cell in the Delusion though, an oddity that must mean something."
  • Raphael refers to Rebecca as "sister" (which may be an implication to her involvement in the Temple of the Morning Star, in the game ending we see Rebecca in a nurse's attire


In this segment, we shall look at various concepts and stylistic devices, and their manifestation of the trope in ROTH.

For the moment, I ask you to refer to ROTH's dedicated page on the TVTropes archive.


Here are some of my personal questions that arose for me during my prolonged involvement with the game.
  • Is there any real significance to Aelf's breastplate in the sense of influencing the gaming experience, other than receiving two potions? Is it vital for Adam to pick it up (such as physical damage reduction)?
  • What do the headless statues in the mansion's courtyards signify? Why are they whispering? Are they manifestations of the ancient Gardeners of the Tower?
  • Who were the people whose skeletons hang in one of the courtyards belong to? Human offerings? Temple acolytes who betrayed Florentine or were of no use to him anymore? The poor people bearing the marks, that Belial experimented on?
  • Who do the voices on the Gramophone record belong to?
  • What is the purpose of the knights/suits of armour? If you put the mouse cursor on some of them, it indicates that you should be able to interact with them in a way. The foul-smelling one by the entrance hall always bothered me, too.
  • Why is the Tower called Tower?