30px-Gnome-speakernotes Aelf's Dagger

Aelf's Dagger (also referred to as the Dragon Blade in the video playback menu) is one of the Holy Relics, one of the most treasured possessions of Aelf, and the key to Raquia. It's actually used as a ranged weapon, shooting a powerful magical flash whose potency increases exponentially to the number of recharges, as visualized by the six cross symbols on the top segment of the HUD.

The origins of this thrusting weapon are not clear, though Rebecca speculates it could be Indian. Apart from her vague estimation, Aelf's Dagger shows similarities to the Jambiya, a short curved blade of Arabian origin, as well as the Kris, a rippled though slightly slimmer type of blade, indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thailand and the southern Philippines.

16th C. South Indian Deccan Bikaner All Steel Chilanum Khanjarli Dagger

Inspired by Rebecca's comment on the design, I did some more research into the Indian and Persian varieties of daggers, and came across this Deccan Bikaner All Steel Chilanum Khanjarli Dagger from the 16th century, which to my humble estimation closely resembles Aelf's weapon. The dagger features intriguing chiseling and detail, and spans 18 inches in total, while the blade itself is 12 inches long. The image on the right side is courtesy of Arms and Antiques.

Cutscenes & ScriptEdit

Eye of the Beast Aelf - the Dragon Blade
Eye of the Beast Belial - Lord of Lies

Aelf: It is both a dedicated weapon and a key.

Adam: Still as sharp as ever.

Adam: Aelf talked of the Dagger as a key, a device to enter Raquia.
Rebecca: That's true. And Raysiel only allowed us to remain in Raquia because of the presence of the Dagger.

Adam: Odd blade. Curved. Apart from being a key to enter Raquia, it helped us against Belial. Took his face clean off.
Rebecca: I think the design and style is somewhat Indian.